The Impact of Insecurity on Growth, Productivity and Development
Insecurity is the discomfort of an environment and atmosphere for a positive change or influence on the welfare and well-being of people and nature.Wherever you are today or have found yourself, God has made it possible for you to influence the growth and development of that place, position and/or profession. Ephesians 2:10!Hearken;

Making Discerning Decisions about Business, Investment or Career.

Solutions emanate from Decisions made from the selection of the best option wisely screened.Businesses, Investments and Career Pursuit are all geared towards solutions.Aliko Dangote Said " Any business that the top 10 executives of our company cannot wake up and provide details from A to Z, we will pull out of it"Warren Buffet said "We dont invest in companies, we invest in the business we understand".Decision

Benefits of Organizing Yourself for More

Organizing Yourself for More
Benefits for Organizing Yourself for More
 Benefits of Being Organized?Improves safety / Reduces accidentsReduces downtimeEnhances operational control of processesCreates a healthier corporate climateImproves product qualityImproves efficiency and productivityImproves delivery times and assists in reducing costsCreates a positive work environmentImproves customer

12 Cross Boarder Skills to Remain Competitive

12 Cross Boarder Skills to Remain Competitive
Humility to learnSelling and marketing ( Business and value exchange skills)Problem SolvingDiligence and PersistenceLeadershipSurvival SkillsCreative CommunicationTeam and System BuildingInnovative Adaptation.Patience and Conflict Resolution.Decision MakingThe fear of God.Without learning these skills early enough as your grow, you will be signing up

Great Ways to Establish Company Authority from Employee Productivity..

PRODUCTIVITY is an AUTHORITY FORMATLeadership in Business and Career are often formatted by the palpable productivity of her workforce since they control the creative and profitable administration of available and accessible resources. ( Human, Non-human, Financial and Non- financial)Furthermore in the ultra fast changing world, Every Organization's authority is best described by the profitability


As an individual, business or professional desiring to become Organized for more, you should ..


Develop IMPROVED START SYSTEMS on your Routine. 

Your Personal Productivity grows when your delivery quality gives you an IMPROVED START, especially when your deliverable are around a growing routine.

To be more productive, Efficient and effective, you must learn to create a system


If you desire marriage, it is a prophetic evident that God has a partner for you. - #juliusafolabi

I am puzzled at the alarming rate of desperation and relational ignorance that has pemeated the youthfulness of this generation. Obviously the beast and devil attacking marriages and families is ruthlessly on rampage and many youths are daily gullible with painful abuses, sexual robbery and heart wrecking



To execute is to put completely into effect, to be fully maximised by defined design. Execution is sentencing emptiness to death by resourceful maximization of action!

Years ago I read a quote " He that will not when he should, shall not when he will". This got me thinking and questioning the thought paradigm and viola I got it. "Time messes




Inaction drowns dreams. Being reluctant is the plot of retrogression. Problems are burdens and they don't kill but inaction is man' suicide ripe. If you must succeed, you will have to consciously fight inaction. Inaction is not what you will but it is a cloak of convenience and comfort when you don't need them.

Many times, I wake up deep in the



But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the kings rich food or with the wine which he drink, therefore he asked the chief of the enunchs to allow him not to defile himself. Daniel 1:8!

Today, compromise is the air many breathe to live, corruption is thriving because compromise is gaining acceptance in the heart ognmany day and night. We have decided

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Who Is Julius Afolabi?

A moment with an expounded mind can bring an eternal revolution to your life!

Julius Afolabi a thought leader engraced with the gift of insightful teaching, He is a trained trainer with a top notch apt and skill in training and writing.

He is a young determined entreprenuer, an excellence and value driven mind covenantly positioned to tool up willing people, business , organization and the community for peak and relevant performance.

He is a choice conference speaker with emphasis on
Effectiveness, Excellence and Performance! Julius Afolabi is inspired, en-fired and empowered by the non-contestable Word of Truth of the creator which he considers as the inexhaustible factory of wisdom,Insight, relevant and ever viable solution education.

He is an unrepentant crusader of Personal Change!. He is passionate about Kingdom Culture, Personal Development, Youth Empowerment, Family, Covenant Business, society and Global Transformation.

Julius Afolabi is happily married to Linda U. Afolabi and their marriage is blessed with wonderful children.


Julius Afolabi having gained foundational academic education in Accounting from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello university, Zaria , College of Accountancy Jos, and University of Calabar.

He is a Certified Quality Improvement Analyst of the American Society for Quality (CQIA).

Also an Associate of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), a member of the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria, A member of Nigerian Institute of Personnel Management. A fellow of the Institute of the Customer Relationship Management of Nigeria.


He is the privileged founder and Senior Business Executive of Blameless Sight Solutions limited a Personal, Business and Corporate training and Management Consulting Outfit Located in Calabar Cross River State.

After a decade of robust banking experience with the legacy Oceanic Bank int’l Plc (Now absorbed by ETI trading as Ecobank Nigeria limited) spanning from Business development, Banking Operations(in various branches in the South-South region), Business Process Re-engineering and Bank-wide transformation working as an Operational Excellence Expert with the global consulting genre Mckinsey & Company Team On the Oceanic Bank Transformational Journey (Mid 2009 –first Qtr. 2010), that delivered operational cost saving of over $4.5m and deposit mobilization of over $33m plus over 2500 new businesses in less than 15 months.

Julius Afolabi has a great virtual audience on social media. He is a regular facilitator for several Business Sessions, his facilitation has moved the paradigm of reached Corporate businesses & Institutions in training ,Seminars and workshops. He has also documented some of his vetted thoughts in books. He also has a monthly newsletter “Education for the Crown! to his credit. He has a good relational skill in deep perspective of issues and open on the basis of the Word of truth!

Blameless Sight Solutions Limited also runs a School of Business Excellence that provides intensive three weeks Business finishing school tutelage. its a tutelage of excellence and business mastery! The school has provision for Graduate Discovery Class, Corporate & Professional Master Class, Market Leaders Strategy Class, Covenant Tooling Class (The New Perspective) and The TOTAL Business Excellence School.

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It is inevitably obvious that only with books can we gain insight into the gone, now and yet to be.

I find it very humbling that you have demonstrated unusual interest to visit this online shop. I can guarantee you that you will have an memorable experience going through the content of any of these books. They are Resourcefully packed with research, revelation, inspiration,Observation, wisdom, realities and principle that are practically actionable for a preferred experience in life, business and career.

I believe that it is our personal value and intentional drive for our Productivity, Influence, Income and Legacy daily as we live, this is my bane behind my obsession to continuously build and improve capacity to help People, Businesses, Organization and Institutions set the coordinates that will deliver their highest value and meaning.

Thank you comes too little expression of gratitude to you for enjoy the parade of my resourcefulness.

We would be glad to get your referrals and feedback on how this products have aided, impacted and helped you improve your business worth and person.

Many thanks

Julius Afolabi