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Profit is a sensitive subject in business and most be approached strategically, hence How to create a profitable audience is a skill to consider.

The Point and Kill..

Back in the days as an exploring young man, I used to enjoy a specific sit out ( a local rendezvous that

Four (4) Wining Ways of Talent in the Marketplace.

In the Marketplace, we cant undermine the place of talent in positioning for Leadership and lasting Success!

There are four (4) strategic Wining Ways of Talent in the Marketplace.

Identification Refinement StrategyRecognision.

There is a native deposit that the supreme intelligence of the divine decided for man to uncover and optimize to take his place!

Talent is a NATIVE ABILITY or


BEING CAREFUL WITH CHOICE. 11 years in 2020! That seems like a DOUBLE dial of celebration of marital experience for me. Exactly 11years ago I made my SPOUSAL. CHOICE. The gist of how we met has been told in past anniversary note on this street. Can I say I have a slice of experience to say Marriage is not a walk in the pack, you have to be careful with that autonomy called CHOICE. Seen, listened

Some customer do Value; some do volume. Business needs both!

Three (3) Simple Ways To Handle Preferential Customer Management!

Business is essentially created to serve customers in a manner that keeps them coming and pays us our margin.If you analyze your business very systematically, you will discover that some customers do volume and some do value.Both are important in their rights but management science demands that we sets our service standard to serve

Elementor #1097

DON'T DROP THE MAN YOU OUGHT TO PICK UP.Many times in our life, we go through unpleasant stuffs that water-down the texture of our person but that's not our true definition.No matter what we go through, we still have our WORTH of PERSON! Don't intentionally out of the false ego of temporal wealth insult the person of your friend or another man.Life has different

3 Ways to Pursuing Significant Prominence..

Being significant Prominence is easy if you will respect the process and build a systematic structure that will feed the feast.

We are familiar with the prominent story, two men were to cut down a tree, Mr. A expends energy with frequency and Mr. B invested in sharpening the saw, Mr. B, brought down the tree in record time and got the prize money. We wanted the tree down not muscular demonstration.


Take it or you leave it, you are either Evolving or Coping..

for as long as there is Life and Time, an evolution is Happening. Evolution is just another name for change or transformation which could positive or negative!One of the fundamental questions that is yet to be principally and rightly answered over time is whether to Evolve or to stay Coping.

Reality Check

Should creation

How to Build a Growing Productive Ecosystem at Work and Business..

How to Build a Growing Productive Ecosystem at Work and Business..

The workplace and business space are two ecosystems that desire growth and positive plus profitable productivity. Without this growth reality, the ecosystem becomes a stench with toxic culture of depreciation.
How Do We Create The Environment That Drives This Reality.
Avoid the Poison of Insecure


The Impact of Insecurity on Growth, Productivity and Development
Insecurity is the discomfort of an environment and atmosphere for a positive change or influence on the welfare and well-being of people and nature.Wherever you are today or have found yourself, God has made it possible for you to influence the growth and development of that place, position and/or profession. Ephesians 2:10!Hearken;

Making Discerning Decisions about Business, Investment or Career.

Solutions emanate from Decisions made from the selection of the best option wisely screened.Businesses, Investments and Career Pursuit are all geared towards solutions.Aliko Dangote Said " Any business that the top 10 executives of our company cannot wake up and provide details from A to Z, we will pull out of it"Warren Buffet said "We dont invest in companies, we invest in the business we understand".Decision

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Meet Julius Afolabi



Answers Aren’t Useful Until You Are Face To Face With The Right Questions! When and where the RIGHT ANSWER meets the RIGHT QUESTION, A NEW EXPERIENCE IS BORN.”Julius Afolabi




Meet – Julius Afolabi!

A Value Improvement StrategistBusiness Improvement Analyst | Career Optimization Coach and an Inspiring Author

Services/ Value Offerings: Private | Business| Corporate | Public

Private: 1-ON-1 Coaching, Personal Improvement Strategy Architecture

Corporate: Corporate Training and Detoxification | Leadership and Strategy| Institution strengthening Process | Performance and Profitable Productivity Architecture. 

Business: Business and customer Experience | Sales and workforce Performance  

Public: Public Policy and Civic Necessity Assessment and Performance Evaluation.

Having harvested and harnesses a wealth of workplace (Banking precisely) and consulting experience, He has helped many people, businesses and organization improve their value strategically to activate their Earning Potential through training, seminars and workshops creating solutions compatible to their peculiarity with fundamental principles and systems that would sustains their desired results or preferred outcome.

He has been a great influence to young people (Teenagers inclusive), Middle Class and Middle level Management.  He has worked financial institutions at Micro levels and facilitated many public and institutional forums.

He has also influenced many via his teachings and articles on his social media handles. His social media presence offers online classes (Both paid and free) in Value Improvement, Personal Potential, Business Capacity and Career Optimization. 

He has been a resourceful volunteer on many kingdom projects creating positive solutions. He was a member of the Regional Judge on the Procter and Gamble “SIFE” (Student In Free enterprise) Campaign. (Calabar 2011)

He is a dynamic author with several titles across his area of expertise and personal research, his book hold insightful influence with a breathe of excellence.

Happily Married to Linda Afolabi and their marriage is blessed with wonderful Children. 



Julius Afolabi having gained foundational academic education in Accounting from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello university, Zaria  and Nigerian College of Accountancy Jos.


He is a Certified Quality Improvement Analyst of the American Society for Quality (CQIA).

Also an Associate of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), a member of the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria (ISMN), Nigerian Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) and Institute of the Customer Relationship Management of Nigeria.(ICRMN)


He is the privileged Co-founder and Senior Business Executive of Blameless Sight Solutions limited a Personal, Business and Corporate training and Management Consulting Outfit Located in Calabar Cross River State.

After a decade of robust banking experience with the legacy Oceanic Bank int’l Plc (Now absorbed by ETI trading as Ecobank Nigeria limited) spanning from Business development, Banking Operations(in various branches in the South-South region), Business Process Re-engineering and Bank-wide transformation working as an Operational Excellence Expert with the global consulting genre Mckinsey & Company Team On the Oceanic Bank Transformation Journey (Mid 2009 –first Qtr. 2010), that delivered operational cost saving of over $4.5m and deposit mobilization of over $33m plus over 2500 new businesses in less than 15 months.

Julius Afolabi has a great virtual audience on social media. He is a regular facilitator for several Business Sessions, his facilitation has moved the paradigm of reached Corporate businesses & Institutions in training ,Seminars and workshops. He has also documented some of his vetted thoughts in published books. 

Blameless Sight Solutions Limited also runs a School of Business Excellence that provides intensive three weeks Business finishing school tutelage. its a tutelage of Organizational Excellence and Business Mastery! School also offer customized Compatible Business Solutions.

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It is inevitably obvious that only with books can we gain insight into the gone, now and yet to be.

I find it very humbling that you have demonstrated unusual interest to visit this online shop. I can guarantee you that you will have an memorable experience going through the content of any of these books. They are Resourcefully packed with research, revelation, inspiration,Observation, wisdom, realities and principle that are practically actionable for a preferred experience in life, business and career.

I believe that it is our personal value and intentional drive for our Productivity, Influence, Income and Legacy daily as we live, this is my bane behind my obsession to continuously build and improve capacity to help People, Businesses, Organization and Institutions set the coordinates that will deliver their highest value and meaning.

Thank you comes too little expression of gratitude to you for enjoy the parade of my resourcefulness.

We would be glad to get your referrals and feedback on how this products have aided, impacted and helped you improve your business worth and person.

Many thanks

Julius Afolabi