3 Ways to Pursuing Significant Prominence..

Being significant Prominence is easy if you will respect the process and build a systematic structure that will feed the feast.

We are familiar with the prominent story, two men were to cut down a tree, Mr. A expends energy with frequency and Mr. B invested in sharpening the saw, Mr. B, brought down the tree in record time and got the prize money. We wanted the tree down not muscular demonstration.

It takes PROCESS and ACTION to move from a Paper Entrepreneur to a Product Entrepreneur. In all Results is the Differential!

What are 3 Ways to Pursue Significant Prominence

  1. Understand that worth of OUTCOME determines Significant Prominence.
  2. Feed Your Feast ( Spark your Credentials) to reach Significant Prominence.
  3. Get Right with your Maker to reach your significant Prominence

It is the OUTCOME of an ACTIVITY that confirms Performance Improvement.

We make money from OUTCOME not Activity; Activity is only a process if it contains the buttons to the desired solution as an outcome. That is what gets you paid! Drama does not cut it, result of input is it. Nobody pays for trash. Money is magnetic to treasures.The peak of success is an admirable experience, that grandeur and glamour of excellence and brilliant celebrity cynosure isn’t without a diet of patient nutrition.

Even Luck is not FREE!

Am aghast when we think of LUCK and dump PROCESS, you will only become lucky with good processing, excellent programming, and resourceful dietary.

No one knew what David had been feeding on, until the qualifying questions to win Goliath emerged. You must be feeding on some good books, minds, training and conference with quiet convertible assimilation to match up to victory someday.

The real talk is that YOU CAN HAVE a FEAST without FEEDING IT. Most people are SHARKS in a TANK!

What kind of future are you preparing for? What kind of experience would you prefer for you, your children, your neighborhood and the global society? What are you doing about that experience? How are you preparing, and what are you in real terms preparing for?

what kind of Nation (Nigeria) have you experienced and what kind would you want your children to live. In your old age, would you still be running around for basics or reflecting with joy in abundant life?

What is the Weight and Worth of Your Credentials?

David read out his credentials, “the lion came after my lamb I chased her, tore her up and rescued the lamp, a beer also came, I repeated my commitment to keeping my stewardship flawless, anti-excuse, positive variance results as a nutrition for the day of feast like this”.

The panel couldn’t deny him the ticket. He has been schooled and presents a measure of reliability. Let’s give him a chance. Sure! David didn’t disappoint his credentials, HE HAD FED HIS FEAST! He had received Proper TRAINING! Flawless delivery was his Specialty!

Generate your own IGR! Spark your Internally Generated Resources!

Your Education shouldn’t be a Shabby Asset! Let it be a feast that feeds others! No matter how much you invest in it, it will pay you back in good currencies, treasures and heartwarming encomiums of impact and influence. A very High R.O.I!

No one pitches the zenith without a strategic IOS. (Internal Operating System) running on Clarity of VISION with Progressive Reassessment. (PR).

Google, Facebook, Ivy League schools, Singapore, America, global brands didn’t come out of the blues. It is a combo of Self Development and Improvement, Training and Need analysis Efficacy, Connecting Independent thinking to interdependence of demands and Business dynamics fitness evaluation. Those are Feasts that were rightly fed!

Your intentional deposit in yourself, your fervor in receiving training, your commitment to a studious life and your excellent delivery in the nick of time can buy you a chance for representation that would make you a global reference.

Fix your Peace and Be right with your maker: your Prominence is easy with God on your side. His precepts brings into prominence rightly.Behold I send before you an angel to guide you on the way and to lead to the place prepared for you. Exodus 23:20!

Connecting with the Divine keep you flowing and flourishing! Take Responsibility to feed your FEAST!

How much VALUE did you glean for this post?

Julius Afolabi

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