Life is a privilege, gift and a marriage of learning and experiences. Marriage is a core part of life that requires a resolute synthesis, even though not everybody would experience it, if you are fortunate to be married cherish it, protect it and keep working on it. if you are not but desire it keep working on your yourself in line with God’s plan for and it will soon become your testimony.

Exactly eight (8) years ago, I got covenantly married to my only wife Linda Afolabi and I can tell you it’s been eight successful years of marital harmony with lots of learning.

I want to be married is “cheap talk” but staying married is work and sustaining marriage is a responsibility.

Marriages and marital harmony is under constant satanic attack of ignorance and rage. In the world of today, Marriage has a full time enemy so you can’t afford to be a part time Christian or casual about your individual development, knowledge upgrade and love for God. Couples must be full time aware and conscious.

Successful marriage requires understanding, true maturity, and the love of God. Day by day couples maturity is being tested and couples endurance is being challenged. If you are a part time Christian, Satan will rush in with subtlety to destabilize your emotions, wreck your unity and paralyze your destiny. You can’t afford to rest when you have a restless enemy seeking to devour and destroy your marital bliss. (1 Peter 5:8) marriage is a resolve not just an ordinary decision, it is a choice that just be extraordinarily protected.

Two basic demands of successful marriage are repentance and forgiveness. Where imperfect individual live together offenses will evolve but understanding will sponsor acknowledgement of fault and maturity will generate remorseful repentance when love would usher forgiveness for peace to nestle. Besides a natural man can rarely forgive except the love of God abide in him or her. These are basic necessities that proof love from the man and submission from the woman. Col 3:8-9.

There are two kinds of spouses I have discovered, the Scaffold Spouse and the Pillar Spouse. Marriage is a building and feelings are like scaffold but wisdom is the pillar.

A scaffold Spouse is the easily irritated spouse that life issues will give reasons to quit the marriage when the best is just at the corner. He or she forgets that there are nights before day and there are battles before bliss. If you can t make your marriage work, you are just a scaffold that leaves the building at the finishing stage or when she is about to be completed or When the marriages is just crushing to its peak.

The Pillar Spouse is the abiding associate with faithfulness all through thick and thin. He or she stands to fight the good fight of faith both in the good and bad times. Check the pillar of your house, it is always there. The pillar of a house holds still until the glory of the house comes forth and remains faithful. It remains one with the house all through its life. Are you a pillar in your marriage or the coward scaffold?

Linda, you have been a pillar, I love you and I am grateful that you are there.  My flair was not a fair lady for a bride but the peculiarities that would complete me and help me fulfill my purpose was captured in the fair you and that make us. Love you loads! This is my point..

Mr. or Mrs. Right is not a man but the peculiarities, that this brother left or died, or that lady jilted you or died does not end your world. God has and can build specialties that fits you in another man or lady hence brother/sister pray that you meet the peculiarities that match your purpose in life!

Marriage is Eden; you can’t get a better husband or wife outside your marriage. All you will get are leaves that are temporal and fudge like Adam got when he left Eden or Abraham bought when he bargained for Ishmael. They never last. Quit the extramarital folly! Only God’s provision which is your wife or husband can last your lifetime.

My marriage is blessed with wonderful children, so I pray for every home that is silent and yet to have children running round the house, God will visit you this year In Jesus name. for the homes that are almost hopeless, going lukewarm and overwhelmed with questions, the God that has been making me to laugh will put a new song in your mouth in Jesus name.

For every marriage in crisis, the peace of God will overshadow your storm. May our life and marriages be filled with Love, Peace and Joy that makes us fit for eternity with Christ at the marriage of the Lamb of God in Jesus name.

Dedicated to Linda, Ayomide, David and Grace; And all married couples on the occasion of our 8th Wedding Anniversary.

Julius Afolabi

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