This is a must read for every single desiring to say the three letter commitment “I DO”.

The three letter expression ” I DO” heralds and arouses great interest amongst many singles but little understanding has been paraded. This is responsible for the the rate of accidents beyond repairs in marriages and homes. Panel beating in a marriage is not a cheap feast, it is frankly a tough meat. Funny enough the calamities of these three letter are rarely a screen display before the reality of ” I DO”. The time spent mending the ignorant could have been invested in promoting the marriage.

Many people who ignorantly spilled these words have archives of stories and scars if they eventually wipe out the ignorance, however the tales of their delays in advancement premised by the attempts to amend and go to school again on their decision can be very good source of education before you say ” I DO”, There are quite a number of written books and unwritten but visible stories around you. Case Studies are simply stories that educate and question our thinking in line with the tragedies and triumph of others! “I DO” take a careful caution not a rush, saying it demands comprehensive thoughts since there are no awards for phonetics saying it. 

in the western world saying “I DO” is just like a gesture of hand shake which you can choose to keep your hands whenever but it always a bad tale when you say “I DO” and ” I WILL” and you eventually couldn’t. i believe it is an avoidable stigma hence this little counsel of mine. i think its appropriate you consider a few thoughts before you say “I DO”

Here is the observed phenomenon , when many singles want to get married they spend a lot of time and energy looking for the right person but only few singles devote time, energy & resources to be the right person!  “I DO” is a communication  and commitment that you can but can you? please understand that marriage is NOT a movie, there is no opportunity for rehearsal after you say “I DO” , the opportunity for rehearsal is now before you say “I DO”. 

Age is not the pre-requisite, are you ripe mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically? love is a state of mind, unsound people cannot practice and be in love. if you fall and fail in love, it is because you rejected the truth! hooking up with people of stretched age bracket requires a compatibility check, be careful! it is not the euphoria of the wedding but the happiness in the home!

Marriage is not a position, title or social strata portrait, IT IS A COMMITMENT! There is no order in getting married, it is only our preference that the elder should get married before the younger. position yourself with God and let him place you! Have you out grown fidelity compromise? fidelity compromise if unsettled and certified before you say “I DO” , welcome to misery in marriage. Why leave your home for the street when it is in your power to keep  it! True freedom is total abstinence! SEX as a promissory note before you say “I DO” have left many bankrupt! Do you want to apply?

many singles desire a five star husband yet we cant find a star in you, the question is what will be the basis of connection? Luck? you must be dreaming because luck is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge! men develop feelings by sight and woman develop feelings by hearing, discipline your eye and ears else they will manufacture dangerous feelings for you. the eyes and ears are firmly connected to the membranes of the mind which graduate the data captured into feelings then metamorphose into emotions and action. dont pamper your feelings else they ruin you!

Are you in the circle of friends and associates that are rightly eligible for “I DO”?Actions are seeds and life is fertile! Marriage is not a business for fools ONLY wise people profitably trade there! when your attitude gets funny, check your friends and associates and probably your ignorance!

How educated are you about the realities of life and handling them? Never ignore a reasonable story it may be your reason for living a good and life. Never trivialize the power of an article, it may contain bitter pills but they will save a bitter experience. 

Marriage is NOT a contest, no one get an awards for saying “I DO” before another, your award is your happiness in marriage and marital bliss! How do you look? appearance can be deceptive, is yours so? your morphology can be a bait, dont let it victimize you, it is the frame work of your mind that counts not your physical structure. All that will be adjusted after “I DO” so adjust your mind now to preserve your structure.

Finally, words when spoken are VERY difficult to retrieve (ask Edo State  governor) before you say “I DO” . examine yourself, Am i marriageable? can i marry a person like me? Am i the right person for him or her? Does the truth of God’s word certify me for “I DO”. 

Before you say ” I DO”. it is profitable that you consider who you have become! i wish you marital bliss and the true experience of love as you say “I DO”.

Remain true to yourself.


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