Inaction drowns dreams. Being reluctant is the plot of retrogression. Problems are burdens and they don’t kill but inaction is man’ suicide ripe. If you must succeed, you will have to consciously fight inaction. Inaction is not what you will but it is a cloak of convenience and comfort when you don’t need them.

Many times, I wake up deep in the night thinking, what can I do, what will I do, how will I do it, then the brain wires start sparking and research begins, all searching for a solution. But I realized, my action quotient must become more swift. Some times you will need to be ruthless with your unnecessary entanglements because Time is not a friend but an aid!

Let’s Stop talking about the problem, stop postponing our intentions, let’s start executing the solutions we have been intending.

Until Jacob introduced strategic action,the exploitation and domination of Laban continued. For as long as he did nothing, his financial pressure multiplied.

In Genesis 26:12-14,And Isaac went to Abimelech king of philistines unto Gerad, Then Isaac sowed in that land and received in the same year an hundredth fold: and the Lord blessed him. And the man waxed great and sent forward and grew untilnge became very great. For he had possession of flocks and possession of herds and great store of servants: and philistines envied him.

See what Isaac would have lost to inaction!

The ground was hard and dry yet he dug wells. When everybody was whining he was working, he dug until he met water.That water quenched the poverty of his life and made him an envy of a nation.

James Bond 007 can be dramatic many times, I remember his actions in the old movie “Live and let’s die”. He stepped on the crocodiles to cross to the other side. He baited them with meat to form a queue. What a strategy! Think and act. Inaction means mental downtime!

Those who will make excuse and complain will always do nothing but languish in the misery of penury.Time will pass them by until they become invalid for success or wealth. Isaac acted and things changed. Will you act?

Until South Africans acted, sacrificed and confronted the apartheid lords. They didn’t brake free. Nelson Mandela didn’t do it alone but he stood in prison and that ignited consistent reactionary response in the heart of many. Can you imprison yourself over that idea, solution, product to change the waves of the market? Our problem is not as harsh as we have amplified it with fear, inaction and stand afar mentality. Solution comes from a resolution.

Lepers subjected their stanancy to reasoning and took a resolve, WHY SIT WE HERE TILL WE DIE? They took a step and God did the rest. Every true success has the God part and contains the human cooperation.

Dreams can become a nightmare with passivity or inaction.

Don’t die where you are, there is more ahead.

Do you want your situation to change? Do you want to still succeed? Take action, don’t be a spectator of your dream.The success you are looking for is in that little idea, introduce action promptly and comprehensively. You will smile again, leave the camp of the inactive who celebrate misery with excuses and complains.

Go and start that project, start work on that assignment, begin to ask questions about that business. Go speak to the lady,  suggest that idea! If you target nothing, you hit nothing!

Do not withhold good from those whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. Don’t say goodbye and come back again tomorrow when you have it with you. Proverbs 3:27-28! (paraphrased) 

We don’t lack capacity, we have only not activated it. That way, possibility remains trapped by inaction. The world needs what you carry.

Isaac gave the world the first ever irrigation system. Inaction will make you loose what you ought to pioneer! Inaction can sink your dream.

Brake the yoke of inaction today!

culled from my book ” Action Management”.

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