The chicken-hearted man has no place in business. Business takes a heart resolved to confront the trimesters of the success incubation. Just like the conceptional challenges of pregnancy delivery, entrepreneurship demands that you plant a heart of purpose in your craft in a manner that conquer every temptation of moral compromise that has bedeviled the corporate and business world of today!
Mark Cuban said “work like there is someone working 24 hours to take it all away from you”. The truth is that the road to exceptional success is always under construction. Determination is simply a recipe of continuous learning and innovative potency that keeps what is on-ground in a multiplied variety without infraction of supreme value. The marketplace is always a question mark seek the sickle of exceptional insight and value of solution.
Laban crafted a business model difficult to beat by ordinary sense but Jacob’s determination and mental acuity defeated the model to control and dominate the market.
Entrepreneurship is the act or art of creating a simple solution to a complex problem and making money out of it. It is like planting a tree and standing under the sun until the tree grows to produce a shade for you!
In the world of Business it is impossible to conquer without determination. To a very large extent, determination has a way of funding dominion because it reflects the intensity of desire, the curiosity of creativity and willingness to commit innovative action. competition are never asleep during your market entry, espionage and bench-marking plus ruthless brainstorming are unending in the market and business world. without a Business heart, you will fall be the way side.
Henry ford’s determination changed the face of transportation in the 20th Century. Apparently that determination sponsored also the birth of Toyota! The Ford brand is heavy and duty bound but the Toyota brand is simple and economic. This infers that when our determination is heavy, every obstacle will become simple and economic. The product features of economy and simplicity is a market advantage and value innovation.
How determined are you to take your dominion? How much of your desire is a thought for the future?
Dont Chicken out of that business, invest time and learning for a new heart so that you can confront what you earlier desire to flee from. Crack the codes with the Truth and work. John 8:36, James 2:17-18, 4:2!
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Julius Afolabi

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