You can’t run to the bank without financial literacy and have a great day. Banks hold idle funds to trade with the active minds of the market, government and industry for a profit. It takes wisdom not to die before you live! Tough times don’t last, tough people do!

Cash is a liability in the bank’s balance sheet; therefore the only reasonable action of the bank is to give the cash out to those whose minds are assets that can create profit for themselves and the bank. Your knowledge of assets, investment, liability, income and expenses are the ticket to discussing with the bank not your degree. Your report card is your financial statement which a picture of your financial literacy. A management expert and billionaire once said “give everyone here N1m each, over a little time, all the money will return back to my pocket”. Lesson is “you can’t keep what you cannot create! True business is divine creativity and market understanding enabled!

The bank is not a place of refuge as many think, bank is not run by machines but human who feel same thing you feel. The bank is to serve you and not you letting the bank put you in servitude. I have no issues with banking but misunderstandings of banking that imprison many. Banks are in business and not charity! Banks only discuss with systems that understand financial trend and market systems. Some people maintain a mindset that it is impossible to do business without loan. What a failed mentality! Luke 9:1-3! Such persons need a powerful mental reset!

There was no bank when God created all that we enjoy, Business should not start with a loan. There is more responsibility in building your fortune from your limited resources than the being pushed by the pressure of default and Loan repayment. Business opportunity must be thoroughly analyzed and uncovered for futuristic realities before diving in. Business should be divinely sought even though you must be mentally equipped through research and observation. Like i have maintained over time “Business is a catalog of questions rightly answered”. Business is an answer to a market quest and human expectation. Are you in the production of what is needed in the quantity needed where they are needed with the specifications that cure the dilemma of the market and at optimum price? Productive and relentless people profit in hard times and create a new future for themselves.

Wisdom is superior to money in business. Wisdom is management sufficiency. Ecclesiastes 7:12 in NIV says “Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it”. This means money alone can waste your living but wisdom preserves you to make, manage and multiply money.

Before you think of a loan, think about your certainty and reliability of your cash flow, think of the inflation rate, think about the capacity of your return on investment covering your interest charge and inflation rate which decrease the value of your cash flow and increase the pressure of value of what you owe. Don’t let your limited understanding of banking, business and money hand over your future to the bank to paddle. They will gladly deal and take unfair advantage at your financial ignorance. Your wits, business acumen with sensitivity accuracy is a comfortable stance to trade with the bank. Banks are to be man’s servant because man determines its deposit and existence and not man under the servitude of the bank through ignorance. Face fact with the truth!

Wealth is a mentality. You must change your thinking to upgrade your change in the business and your future. The future of your business is determined by your mentality. Your mentality determines your captivity or triumph. That is a future state! Don’t just think of money in business, think of your future and that of the business.  We need a critical shift in our mindset for business triumph in tough times! 

Your mindset is your life and business set! 


Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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