The above is the capital difference between ESAU and JACOB!
Economics say National Income = C + I + G + (X-M) and Disposable income is total personal income less current taxes. DI= (C+I+S – Taxes).
I know economics to be limited because it is founded on facts and assumptions. in measuring National income no unilateral method has been decided universally because of several defects in the formulas and how to calculate the value of some services and what constitutes services that can be exchanged for money or not.
Consumption or spending as referred in economics takes a larger share and decide the flow of the economy. This means the consumption pattern of citizenry determines buoyancy of economy! What are you consuming and what is consuming you? your lifestyle is the answer.
Many nations are hungry because of what they consume in the now that consumes the later, this makes the future bleak! African nations especially borrows to spend or carelessly invest or invest with vested interest rather than national interest. Selfishness is the bane of our economic hardship!
Misery will be scarce if you disposable income is total income less tithes & taxes then replace consumption with investment and savings letting what is left become the consumption budget.
Anthony Robbins once positioned that poor people save or invest what is left after spending but wealthy people spend what is left after investing and saving.
Truly, in the long run you will have more to consume because of the compounding effect of investments and savings carefully made with financial intelligence. ESAU was a “now” man not in terms of faith but in terms of pleasure. Consumption is often a product of pleasure. I want to eat what i like, look as i want, live as i like, all these decisions have economic value!
In your investment budget allow kingdom investment be 70{2f2abeb8feb70d415dc0613e4eba0841a80188fc1fa9236891da5e01fa7bc3b3} and business or financial investment be 30{2f2abeb8feb70d415dc0613e4eba0841a80188fc1fa9236891da5e01fa7bc3b3}. This 30{2f2abeb8feb70d415dc0613e4eba0841a80188fc1fa9236891da5e01fa7bc3b3} should be to generate passive income after adequate financial education calculation. Let saving be for expansion purposes because you have a template.
ESAU couldn’t hold back his hunger but Jacob understood how temporal hunger was. Jacob as a business man traded temporal hunger for eternal benefits of Esau’s birthright.
Can you fast? Fasting is going hungry with food and pleasure to expand the invisible capacity that has visible effect( The Spirit Man). When you fast, pray and study God’s strategy in His word. Practice them by launching the instructions you discover. Now see the economic impetus of going hungry for a moment. You have reduced your consumption and pleasure when you fast, prayer is your capital investment that produces your multiple streams of favor that bring incomes and then your study of the word is your divine economic intelligence that saves you in economic downturn or depression when you apply them to your current life and business realities.
You see Fasting is not only a spiritual obligation , it has economic value! When men and women are going hungry for a moment in the beginning of the year, don’t be a glutton with consumption if you don’t want the flood of economic famine to carry you along. Plato said ” I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency”. Physical and mental efficiency has economic value!

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