Bitter counsel can sometimes be awful but the cost of ignoring them far outweigh the taste. No man wants to repeat the an ugly reign. Here are a few capsules for a lean pocket.


Pay your tithe (care for the goose that lays the treasured eggs)
– Spend within a fixed region (budget) (attend to necessities before imagining luxury.
– Learn to strategically invest. (create multiple streams of income )
– Guard your treasure from loss ( invest only where it is safest, take informed risk, take the capsules of the experienced people in that line of investment)
– Leave the rental, build your estate. (whatever you can afford and you need, own and stop buying)
– Insure your retirement. (create a well for your thirst when you will not be able to dig again)
– Never stop learning how to make more wealth ( everything is exhaustive because surely there is an end)

– Vaccinate your appetite ( Don’t honor the exotic and disdain the basic)

– Have an emotionally balanced account ( you may be competent but you are incomplete without your family, its a great aspect of unnoticeable lean pocket)

– Be wealthy beyond the earth ( Be sure of bliss beyond earthly reign, there is no leaner pocket than the absence of this)

Search for blessing beyond profit, profit filled with sorrow is a tragedy!


Stay Blessed!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde.

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