CAUTION FOR A FUTURE! The future is an interesting place but trivializing caution can ruin it!

Caution prevents crisis! The opportunities are at risk without caution! A ruin is just a caution ignored!A future is simply a caution enabled possibility! Excellence is a strategically presented caution! Excellence enthrones but PRIDE dethrones! Pride is the element that has polluted the substance of many people’s excellence! How can you be beautiful as a lady and have no control over your body? Who will be attracted to the personality of a “beautiful dog”! Are you a blind leader?Who will want to be guided by a blind and ignorant man! Marriage is family leadership! Your proof of manhood is your ability to see a great future and be willing to devote your energy to realise and experience that future, if the picture is clear enough and the energy towards realizing it is convincing enough someone will want to share it with you! Listen to me, enterprise is a divine commandment and a civil obligation! Get out of idleness! A hypocrite feels good in filthy things and places to purchase his or her untimely death (Job 36:14). Get out of that cult,leave that group and habit, get out of prostitution,lesbianism,gay, bribery, fornication,that habit of hiding people’s file, adultery,night clubbing, drinking, smoking, witchcraft,robbery and whatever has the ability to ruin your future! Caution is cheap to ignore but the consequences are sorrowful regrets if you are alive to tell the tale! This is not a coax but a caution note for your colorful future! Receive the GRACE POWER in the Jesus name!Image

 “the heart attack of your finance is rooted in your uncontrolled desire & appetite” Julius Afolabi.

Your future is your success!

Nice weekend to you all! 

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