Text: Mark 4:35-41.

A checklist a grand requirement for a failure proof operation, in the Aviation industry, the flight plan includes a checklist and no captain ever jokes with the landing rudiments. The tower awareness is not to be ignored neither is any form of ambiguity to be entertained. Weather incursions have always impaired the faith of many flight landing, something landings are re-routed all in the bid to remain safe. Many dream crafts hover in the sky because the weather paints a dangerous landing signal! Nothing excites every captain like a safe landing. In life and time our decisions and choices form the bearing of our checklist for a glorious landing.

Today is a strategic day but the Almighty God spoke about it long ago, cross over is not news. Life is full of entries and exits! We shall cross over because Jesus said so. Isaiah 55:11!

Start with a vision, Creation process was evening and morning, cross over happens between the evening and morning. The expression “Let us cross over to the other side” signifies a decision with a vision. The other side is the ensuring year. Dont cross over from 2017 at the bar and bar your 2018!

Send away the multitude! It’s time to get alone with God, Christianity is not fanatism, it is following Jesus! Don’t be a fan of Jesus, become a genuine follower, A disciple, a kingdom Ambassador! Dispatch and discharge the multitude, there is an extent to which people can go with you. The crowd is not always the whole proof! No one ever made a mark without one on one with Jesus! Mark 4:36! Visitation happens in solitude!

They took him with them in the boat; you can’t cross over without the one who initiated the cross over. You can’t cross over life effectively without Jesus; His mercies preserved you and inspired the cross over. Can you understand the bridge better than the Alpha and Omega? He knows the end from the beginning. It would be a tragedy to cross without Jesus in the boat of your life. You will find out why?

There were also with Him other little ships, Work with a team. No tower gets built without a constructive team. At most you and God is an unbeatable team. Two are better than one, one chases a thousand but two tens of thousands! Partnership with God always runs in amazing synergy! Run with those who share your language and understanding? Confusion and failure is cheap with the wrong company! A bad crew can crash any flight! Abide in God and let Him abide in you!

And there arose a great STORM that beat the boat; you must be resolute about your identified project, dream or vision. There would be storms, many times flight experience some turbulence but when the storm calmer is with you, His experience surpasses the scare of the storm. It is not the storm but the waves that beats a man’s confidence towards his dreams. We take the temple from the tower of prayer, signals for glorious hitch free landing comes from the tower. Until we lift up our eyes we cant be lifted by His Help. When we call for help, we get help from the ever present help in the hour of need. Without Him you will do nothing and may crash land with lots of agitation. Mark 4:37-39!

Nothing glorious happens without faith! Every flight has departure and arrival rooms full of expectation. we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses! Surprise all those waiting at the arrival room with faith, without faith no one can cross over or land gloriously. Without faith it is impossible to please God, if your ways please God he makes your enemies to be at peace with you! No flight lands without landing assurance and facilities. Divine Help is the greatest facility for a glorious landing.  Exit 2017 wisely with Christ and land gloriously in 2018 with all joy, peace and hope!

With vision, salvation, Sanctification, fellowship with the Spirit, Prayerfulness, Thanksgiving and Enduring Faith, Earthly relevance and the other side of eternity is sure! That is the glorious landing of life! I shall see you on that day at the right hand side in Jesus Name.

May the year 2018 be your year of divine Help? All that will happen for you and me will be only what God can do in the name of Jesus. Let’s make Jesus the Captain of our flight into 2018!

Thank you all for teaching me and learning from all I have learnt from God and Godly men, let’s keep writing and reading, there are many virtually blessed people we can’t see but knows and sees and he will reward! I love you but Jesus loves you more! See you in 2018!





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