Multiplication is the identity of God and therefore we are creatures of multiplication. fruitfulness mean increasing what you carry, multiply your knowledge by sharing, increase kindness by being kind to someone, be true in business to multiply truth in business, multiply abundant life by sharing the love of God. There is no infertility or fruitlessness with those abide in His word! Gen 1:20 -28!
In that workplace make the glory of God known by being exceptional, be different. In my workplace my subordinate have access to share their pains and we think it through together. that was what Jesus meant when he told Peter, when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. if you are knowledgeable, cure the ignorance of others. If you are saved, save others. if you are good make others good. There is nothing hidden or new, all we have are gifts from God! By multiplication we give life a meaning!
Have you not observed that businesses in the production thrive if well managed with wisdom because they serve many. Knowledge multipliers too are never forgotten because someone will learn what he has never known and swear a blessing to the man who has settled his quest and water his thirst. we must multiply wisdom to serve and fill the table of the heart of men!
No animal goes for antenatal neither do they undergo cesarean session yet they conceive and deliver with ease. They are not the image of God but you are the in the design of God. you will bring forth with ease in Jesus name.
Man is the express image of God, therefore man is not permitted to be barren because God is not and if conception is supernatural then delivery will be supernatural. The living shall come out of the living. Maybe you are also pregnant with a vision, trust God and you will bring it forth to the glory of God.
Every word of God brought forth abundantly! we are fruitful beings irrespective of times. God’s word says “we are fruitful and created to multiply”. Once what you are doing is in line with His word, expect fruitfulness and multiplication.
we shall soon celebrate and be celebrated in Jesus name. 

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