Today, selling is crucial subject that determine the economic sustenance of business. Product and services will become relics without good salesmanship. Advertising may create awareness and partial sale; it is essentially selling that exchange for cash that keeps business alive and real. Unsold products are mere accumulated inventory which can make you a loss over time. 

Selling is a critical success factor in business hence several approaches have been advance by businesses and salesmen but experience, observation and research has taught me some new dimensions which I would like to share with you.

  1. 1.     Integrity based selling: The truthfulness of the information about your product as it will meet the need of the sales prospect or solve the diagnosed dilemma the salesman has deduced from active listening or provide confirmed and testified benefits to the sales target is what convinces any person to buy. Pushy, selfish and manipulative attitude of salesmen will never make a superstar in sales. Many salesmen just want to make a hard sell without a true and justified motive of truly meeting the need of the sales target.  From my experience as a distributor, the salesman always want to sell, so he comes with various gimmicks not minding the efficacies of what the product market speaks but I am constantly in the know of the product performance better than the salesman so he is unable to sell to me until I am convinced by market dynamics to buy. Sometimes the facts of production are hidden when some varieties are surplus in production and there is a pump from the executives to get such stock varieties sold. They then come up with stories that the variety will soon be out of stock and want to manipulate you to buy. You can see that to me and many others it is cheap to assess and conclude that he is not a reliable salesman. The idea of this manipulative strategy is particularly horrible when the internet has become the village center of the global village, you can proof any claim by the ignorant if you care to validate what a salesman has said. There is what I call “The truth concept”, it is the attitude of having comprehensive knowledge of your product, courteously disseminating information and actively listening to the sales target in other to make a good sell!  Embrace the truth concept and keep selling! Honesty is not just a virtue, it is brand identity! Trust sells you better than the product and you must be bought before a sell can reach your product. Now it goes beyond that because whatever you may be selling next time apart from what you initially sold would receive cheap acceptance and then you are launched into the realm of super salesman stardom.


  1. 2.     Emotional Intelligence Selling:  buying and selling is a relational activity, emotional intelligence is a global quality a good salesman must possess. Emotional intelligence is the ability to use your response to control another person’s reaction. Human being function majorly on objective emotions when parting with value, the salesman must understand peoples’ emotions and must be in proper control of his emotions to be able to log in his product properties into the positive side of the sales prospect. This is a technical skill that requires relevant training to develop if you must emerge a superstar salesman. The emotional balance of the salesman can be his critical criteria to be chosen for product purchase because mostly humans want to relate with a mind that can understand their emotions and motivate an objective persuasion to buy! This is the emphatic dimension of salesmanship.


  1. 3.     Persistent Communication & Consistent Service Mindset Selling: communication is a very powerful tool if effectively done; communication carries the message the salesman has and deposits it on the minds of the sales prospect. Now there is a miracle in that act, the idea keeps selling even when you are not present. The persistence of communication without serial edition will trap the ability of the sales prospect to buy. Every business has a language and every desire, need, challenge also understand the language that will help them. Effective and persistent communication connects these two points for a sale!

A consistent service mindset is quick to convince and retain a sales prospect. When the prospects have observed the service orientation of your business or salesperson towards sales targets consistently over time, they develop a reliability zone that convinces them to patronize your product or service. This means the business or salesman must get the critical to customer (CTC) right.  Critical to customer means the dependable and measurable standard of service of a product to meet the customers’ needs or standard of benefits that satisfy the specification of the customer.

These three approaches will sure win you a good sell!

Your comment and other selling approaches would be objectively viewed.

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