A customer is anyone, company, group or organization that is interested in or consumes/uses your service or products or has the buying power for your product or service.

Customers are the sources of business. They grow and sustain the business but my question is “is your customer having a memorable buying experience?” Every customer is your source to their network. The customer has a web and their stories hold more value than your advertisement. The ability of business to create a memorable buying experience for a customer is the link to their network that for your customer base. The failure of your sales or service patronage is in your customer buying experience. You lose turnover and potential windfall profit in the ill treatment of your customer!

How can you create a memorable buying experience?

  1. Train your customer service agents

Customer service agents include everyone and everything that interfaces with the customer. Many times business and organizations trivialize the positive power of training business or organizational personnel and then suffer the bitter experience of customer attrition and its financial implications. Non animate factors are trained by their hygienic appearance to the customer. Simply let everything about your business Speak value!. Training enables your workforce to treat and manage your customer right. When customers are treated right they can hang your turnover misery! At no point in your process should the customer be frustrated or dissatisfied, ensure before he walks out his negative experience is modified. I often make this illustration in my trainings “there is a difference between an Alsatian dog and a local dog” and this is the difference “one would do what it likes and the other would do what you tell it because she is trained”. Beware of dog is also applicable in business! The CUSTOMER is your profit, don’t chase them away. Train your customer experience agents.

2.      Learn to lay-off some charges.

Business must learn to lay-off some charges just to give the customer a treat. The alternative this charges would take care for the customer become a memorable gift irrespective of how small. Imagine your copier engineer say to you “that fault is minimal we won’t charge you for that, take it as a compliment from our company”. I strongly believe this will make another option unattractive to you? This is the secret I have for you; it is called Value based thinking! Simply deposit the idea that you are available to serve them rather than milk them!

3  Make your workforce Happy:

Your business workforce is your business greatest asset. Every other thing your business would remain inactive without them. A happy employee would create happy customers and ignite a memorable buying experience. Business must be fair and prompt in wages & salaries, these however does not excuse incentives that will empower the will of the workforce to deliver functional and valuable service. Make the employees have no excuse for non-performance, make them find every reason to deliver and overshoot their targets. This is the indirect customer attraction and retention power!  Appraise employees only to improve them and not to victimize them or produce a certificate of incompetence. Track your business performance to their sources in other to water them effectively. Be concern about their well being and they will reciprocate it in your expectations of them.

4. Create an accommodating RETURN & REFUND POLICY:

Business must understand that sometimes services and product can be defective. Despite the expertise of lean six sigma approaches in management today, there is still a little aperture for defective. This is the central reason for every business to create an accommodating return and refund policy. Don’t treat your customer like a potential criminal when they complain, ask for a refund or return, and express themselves or their ugly moments with your service or product. This ease can keep and create customers. Remember their stories hold more value than you advertisement. Confirm your promise to deliver when they ask.

Customer will continue to rule the business empire, it would your eternal advantage to learn and create a memorable customer buying power!

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