Confidence is not a commodity you come by loosely. It is an accumulated deposit that is finding expression. It is not on shelves of shops but in the heart and knowledge of great men. It is a function of an understanding that you cannot fail. The righteous is as bold as a lion, the Lion we know turneth not back for any irrespective of size, person or status. This unwavering confidence is what makes the lion to command dominion in the jungle.

The man Daniel had too much confidence that he rejected the offer of the king’s meat because he knew and understood him and its content. Daniel knew his own content and his kind of food and was confident about it. Daniel was so confident that he demanded for more time to solve the king’s problem; he had so much confidence that even in his request he foretold that at his next visit to the palace the problem would be a testimony. He knew he had a reservoir that was wise enough to solve all doubts, he was unusually confident that God would show up through him. He was confident enough to detach himself from the solution but ascribe them to the power of God at work in him. He was confident to recommend his friends for lofty positions because of the confidence in their content.

Your confidence is in who you carry! Certificate without content value is a scam! Position without contribution is humiliation. Title without results is an insult. Money without wisdom is foolishness. Housing a wife without matured understanding is rubbles in trouble. David with confidence ran towards a lion. That is no cheap talk! Wake up and weaken your weakness! There is a future ahead of you, can you face it? Do you really have the end in mind? Are you confident about your next life? Can your current manners, attitude, actions and lifestyle warranty your confidence for tomorrow? Can your business system survive the sublime realities of change? Can your foundation sustain your confidence to challenge your opposition? Confidence is no cheap talk; it is a demand of personal responsibility. Think again, can you confidently say “this is who I am becoming?

Each time we find ourselves before our superior; we subordinate our interest and subdue our attitude to comport ourselves. When the governor comes before the president, he must respect himself and follow due order of calm. This is how the issues of life are to quake before you and so also the challenges of life will have to calm before you. You are a heavenly principality. 

Generating confidence takes salted strategy, good listening, training, skill and knowledge acquisition, resolve, Action planning, value consciousness, persistent diligence, compliance to guided & proven principles and the fear of God. These are all fabrications of personal mastery. 

Now see why Daniel could not be eaten by the lions, He was a spiritual lion that had the lion of the tribe of Judah in him. The lions did not see Daniel when he was thrown into the den, they saw a mighty lion and had to control themselves, besides every entourage surrounds the dignitary, angel are heavens entourages that must clear the coast for the emergence of the dignitary. So before the lion of the tribe of Judah emerged the angels went before him and shut the mouth of the physical lion. That is the dominion of the spiritual over physical.


Lessons from Daniel:

  • Greed corrupts greatness.
  • Success is God’s gift via our confidence in him and our abilities.
  • Self-definition is a path to a glorious destiny.
  • Divine wisdom is an all-time weapon to combat any challenge of life.
  • Confidence offers the opportunity to be recommended.
  • Choose your association and define your contribution.
  • Understand your diet and declare/define your eating pattern.
  • Remember your future when you are making decisions.
  • Confidence is an intentional decision.


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