Deposits are lodgments to be retrieved when required or needed. Deposits are reserves of rescue. Deposits are tools useful in a future date. Deposits are purposeful accumulations and not woeful lodgments. We make deposits to salvage a future use of the present stock. Deposit are depths acquired to build towering thoughts that resolve challenges of the moment. You can give what you don’t have we all know. A good book is a valuable deposit. Those who value long term value deposits. Deposits demand enduring present pain to enjoy eternal gain!.

Your performance is a reflection of the value of your deposits. It is a mistaken understanding that deposits are only traced to banking and money. It is much more regrettable for any man to forget that the mind is the greatest bank God built in man. Instructions, counsels, information and skills are valuable deposits! The mind needs deposits because life operates in seasons, sometimes good and sometimes otherwise, there are times of scarcity and there are times of abundance. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 has details of severalty of seasons and times of life.

This is the matter for the moment, Bob Gass said “what you keep on deposit, you are more likely to withdraw and act on in the moment of weakness. Surely there are times of strength and there are moments of weaknesses. You will essentially refer to your stock for safety when situations demand it. This means filling your mind with junks is a future loss for you, soaking your mind or spirit with unprofitable information or unhealthy imaginations or picture or concerns is a terrible investment against your future. This is because your moment of weakness will come and when they come from what deposit will you draw? You can extract strength from a weak deposit neither can you harvest fruits from a desert. Any man would be a readymade victim if your mental deposit is awful. You may be educated but knowledgeable about irrelevant things that give life worth.

It is important to know that your deposit affects everything about you. Your life is worth the deposits of your spirit and mind! What are you depositing in your life today? Are you battle ready against eventualities that life may structure your way? May you are full of the deposit of envy, past failures, disappointments, or you are a stock of gossips parading the environment as a venom for the people willing to accommodate your deposit because they have no value for their future as well. What are your so called friends depositing in you?

Why don’t you deposit strategic information for your task, field, and assignment to out-compete your competitors or project a distinctive performance? Why don’t you arm yourself with timeless skills for outstanding results? These are great deposit you can make into your life.

The greatest package that positions you for the future is the deposit of the unfading word of God, it is life and you need life to enjoy whatever you have got. The deposit of the word engineers faith which is the currency for winning in life! Health is wealth, deposit healthily because you need a wealthy mind! The movers and shakers of the moments and the future are those will care to deposit strategic information in their minds, saturate their spirit with revelation and disseminate to show forth the glory of God. Be part of the present and future change. Make Deposits!

Enjoy your week!

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