If you desire marriage, it is a prophetic evident that God has a partner for you. – #juliusafolabi

I am puzzled at the alarming rate of desperation and relational ignorance that has pemeated the youthfulness of this generation. Obviously the beast and devil attacking marriages and families is ruthlessly on rampage and many youths are daily gullible with painful abuses, sexual robbery and heart wrecking disappointment.

Sister, You may not have gotten it right at a younger age, it doesn’t take away your senses and dignity. Age is not a disadvantage that should condition an ignorant desperation that subjects you to ridicule and tolerant abuse of your dignity. That you are 35,40 or more does not intimidate God if you are sincere and living uprightly. Many suggestions would visit you, pressures would scare you but no one will live your mistake. Going diabolical will only ruin you. You will fetch emotional war without end. No diabolic solution without a sorrowful repercussion!

They may call you executive spinster, when you get it right and God settles you, they will change the label and libel! I Chronicles 4:9-10!

There is one who will love you surprisingly the way you are. The question is how have you made yourself? Look to the mirror and inside you, would you marry you? If you have some flaws, Forgive your youthful errors, correct them now and stay focused. Don’t be tempted to fill you are comfortable without a man if you are not wired so. That paradigm would mess you up! Submission is not difficult if you are humble. No man can stay with the weakness of pride. Not all men can handle it, amazingly no one can be proud without knowing. They may only be insensitive. Sister, age is not a factor to desecrate your womanhood.

Yes, numbers intimidate the flesh but your mentality shouldn’t be harrassed. Age is not a disadvantage neither is single parenting honorable. Don’t make yourself incompatible to who is coming! Don’t tweek your hormones to accept who you can’t synch with. Sister, Any relationship you desperately force will convulse, It’s going to be loveless and parasitic plus dishumanising.

Listen, don’t fall for the emotional-time trick. Many ladies have been wounded by this syndrome. Especially busy ladies in the professional and corporate circle with corporate profile (banking, exotic businesses) don’t be a slave to emotional messmerization.

This is the trick, Emotional hunters know you don’t have time but have money. They have time but no money. You are very busy and lack effective relationship attention. They are parasites with the heart of a vampire. They know you are busy Monday to Friday and and must have lost out on some fun, he is ready to tangle you for weekend with a trick to fill the fun void. I know you have blood running in you and you are human but what you need now is not hormonal excitement or emotional bedmate at that age. What you need is a commitment.

Love is a devotion you are convinced about to deploy emotions that will be spiritually managed! – #juliusafolabi

It is detrimental to be sentimental. Nothing is hidden under the sun, those you don’t know, know that you are secretly sleeping around. It is equally shameful if you can keep your job but can’t keep your home. That’s a technical emo-professional imbalance. What is the honor of been a corporate single parent out of carelessness. You can control yourself. Sexual impurity won’t help you either, it would damage your love language.

Did you lose your husband but desire to remarry. Widowhood does not edit God’s plan and purpose for your life. God knows what you don’t, stay in aligned to God. John 15:5

Sister, you are not a bastard, don’t bastardize your dignity. Casual sex is not casual, the stakes are not casual. Many of those guys runs the tapes of your escapes and may reach your possible man. Stop being a mess that shouldn’t be. #juliusafolabi

Kick out that guy that is not ready to be committed. Quit being a lapdog. Stop the satanic procession. It’s not fun, you are being foolish. Hospitals don’t diagnose foolishness,life does with pains. Reinvent now I beg you, you are the determinants of what is late and without repairs.

#Character is an evergreen marital asset. Fertility does not expire with God. Stay under control, God never forsakes any. The day you are ready to hear God, God is ready to speak to you. Invest time in knowing God’s plan for you. What you find in the word won’t fail. Isaiah 34:16!

Sister, you are already 35,40 or more, don’t make it worse with a careless and gullible decision. You are not expired. Don’t give up, there is a BOAZ coming.

Let me know if this has blessed you!

Culled from “Close the Gap” authored by Julius Afolabi.

Julius Afolabi.


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