A Plan is a good strategy but if it doesn’t leave the surface of the paper into energetic conversion to reality it will end in “if to say”. No business plan has ever survived without an action plan, action plan is the real plan, business plan is just a gate pass! There are first class students who are blatant failures and there are seeming illiterates who are of global reference. what becomes of you is up to you, take personal responsibility then you will see God’s faithfulness! The same time it takes to succeed is same time it takes to fail! If you let fear dictate then all she will ask you to spell is FAILURE!

One thing you will not be happy you didn’t phase out will be FEAR! it kept harassing you till you shut down your advances to the doors of success. if you turn your back on fear it will chase you off your success but if you face it with faith you will see it was all but smoke. Fear will never stop harassing success. Confidence is simply trapping fear effectively!

Fear sometimes lurks around the stagnation bus stop called “Am planning to” and the next two neighboring towns are (1) If to say and then (2) i for!
If you let fear stalk you at ” am planning to” till reality dawns on you, you may terminate at ” if to say i know” and shut down at ” I for….”

when Time runs a man over the memory of losses, then you will hear the complete sigh of regret saying ” If to say i know, i for don do this or that ,that time” but now it has become unfix-able!

Fix it Now and smile later, what doesn’t seem to matter now might just become the MATTER later! Don’t let fear cheat you out of your BIG CHANCES. you are born to win!

Fight the good fight of FAITH!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde​

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