Take it or you leave it, you are either Evolving or Coping..

for as long as there is Life and Time, an evolution is Happening. Evolution is just another name for change or transformation which could positive or negative!One of the fundamental questions that is yet to be principally and rightly answered over time is whether to Evolve or to stay Coping.

Reality Check

Should creation had remained at coping, I don’t think we would have what is obtainable today! Time is fixed but it contains the opportunity to evolve.

Evolving or Stay Coping??

To Evolve means to recognize change and pursue improvement; To Stay Coping means to stay with status quo irrespective of its hurts or decadence.

It is like toiling in rowing. It is like peddling a ship, which means you have lost the meaning of a canoe!

This attitude or Mindset is what is glaringly responsible for the low performance and profitability of many businesses and low profiled persons today. Amazingly, some Organizations that hold passive responsiveness to learning also suffer the obsolescence of their brand beginning from their Talent Shift and Turnover.

The truth is start many people know that some things are right, true or working but they will prefer to stay coping rather than evolve.

A frog would remain in cold water slowly getting hot until boiling point where it dies with it. Rather than evolve, it copes till death.

Have you ever seen a cat landing on its back? NO! Before it lands it will evolve with an overturn.

To evolve is wisdom, the children of Israel almost lost it with complains, they wanted to go back to Egypt and cope even when God is programming them to evolve!

The digital economy is a product of the art of Evolving. It is an evolving evolution? That is a subject for another day. But for now, Are you evolving or coping with things as it is with you, your business or career?

To evolve means to outgrow your present state, to outwit your present predicament and move unto new possibilities. It means to outgrow the frustration of anxiety and move into taking responsibility to live well.

It is only what is dead that cannot evolve! He said “Come Up thither and I will show you great things”, it means don’t cope with that issue.

Fight it with the knowledge of truth, grow, build your faith and experience the victory given and written.

You MAY not be POPULAR, IT doesn’t mean YOU are NOT PECULIAR! Just keep EVOLVING.. your OVATION would soon come to MATURITY.

What your Decision today?

You know the areas in which you are coping?

Don’t cope with that so called weakness, Evolve! Don’t cope with poverty, Evolve! Don’t cope with ignorance, Evolve. Don’t cope with mediocrity, Don’t say “it is well” and be coping with injustice against the truth.., Don’t cope with excuses, Don’t cope with procrastination.


IT BEGINS in THE MIND.. What do you THINK?


Julius Afolabi..

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