The eye is the template of deception; the capture rings a bell to the mind to precipitate ACTION. The drama of regret is never in view or obvious. All well set but to convert your conscience positive to hell and impoverish your future. Here is the doze that hypnotizes many in videos especially in the music, adverts and marketing media cynosure!

  • If it is not displayed ice chilling for tired man or stress lady, you will never be deluded that it refreshes! its only to make the addiction cheap to you. (DRINKING/Drunkenness)
  • If she wasn’t half nude, the nice guy wouldn’t have rolled his Royce to a stop for her pick or PIN. All to let you desire an experience.( nudity)
  • If he wasn’t neatly adorned with the Rolex wrist watch and designer plated clothing with a diamond lighter for a stick of death. It would be difficult to belief the fact of that lie! A false image of polish.(smoking)
  • If the sounds weren’t made emotional and the body convolvulus rhyme were absent. It may be difficult to pervert your rational will and redefine amusement & pleasure. (permissiveness)
  • if the producers don’t work with leverages that comb your attraction to the empty currency display and the make belief computer manipulations that breed your imagination for a career of vanity. How will you crave for it? As you patronize they make the money!(Night clubbing)

Don’t be fooled and don’t be raped by the advertorial, marketing and money ripping gimmick. It is called psychological selling!

It is nothing but a drama to sell and inviting you to buy, All to convert your earning and configure you for HELL! Eat and drink to live! Discipline your desire to live your DREAM.

I only exposed the deception of visual tweaks that manipulate our minds and manufacture a wasteful life! It is a poem of caution.

Play safe and receive a new life!

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