Enterprise is a business activity, event, venture or undertaking that is directed towards profit. Enterprise can also be defined as what you are doing to meet others need to earn what meets your own needs. There is something to give to get what you want or need. Needs and wants are the fulcrum of enterprise.

Business Destiny is where an organization is headed in time to come. Destiny is a predetermined future. The corporate goals and objective of an organization will also qualify. In simply language it is the corporate vision.

Creation is an enterprise and life is a business of destiny. Our daily activities and involvement are definitions and pathways to our success cum destiny. The success of an enterprise dictates the destiny of committed efforts. No man or business wants to fail. This is why we employ strategies and seek credible tutelage plus profitable counsel.

I write and i teach,i specialize in personal change, Effectiveness and corporate detoxification since i discovered it is impossible to command corporate productivity without unearthing individual capacity! Self Discovery creates your kingdom in dominion!

Success i have always defined as keeping failure and struggles at a respectable and non-negotiable distance. It is preparation that enlists the possibilities of success. Knowledge is light and darkness is ever distant with the introduction of light. There is a light that lights the life of men! Ignorant is at the root of failure! Struggles are loaded by ignorance! Until you discover yourself you have covered your enterprise success and business destiny! Deuteronomy 29:29, Proverbs 25:2!

A team of experts is a huge corporate loss without true unison and cohesion of interest. it is the unity of the mind towards a task that drives its effectiveness and performance. A house divided against itself never stands! Satan fights unity with divisions and factions to break the power of effective and productive capacity. Gen 11:6! There is unimaginable success in Unity! When a husband and wife operate in isolation, the linage of the family is at risk a generational risk. Two must become one to win! until all department and divisions work in unity towards corporate objective, expect a failure organization and a doomed business!

In my journey a training consultant i discovered teaching people job skills without life skills is a woeful enterprise that eventually puts the destiny of business at risk because everybody is only learning how to become selfish and accumulate for self. An intelligent but wicked man is a loss! Competence without the credentials of uprightness is a trap for the company and a complicated life of confusion. Many organizations are history today because of selfishness and selfish employees.

Success is who you are and being where God wants you to be a particular time. possessions are only credentials of little of your worth, it is what made and brought those possession that is the real you. A man’s source is his worth!

The journey out of a hard life into destiny BEGINS WITH STANDING UP TO HELP OTHERS.

Moses began his journey to the unusual by standing up to help others. Exodus 2:17.

We often find excuses with what we do or how compact our roles or schedule are or how critical the task is but taking a stand to help others can become a new ladder to untold success. Many have allowed their titles to erode their usefulness. Position is meant to demonstrate success capacities not self aggrandizement or humiliate your potentials by being locked in the euphoria of “i have paid my dues”. that a trap of under-utilization.


How to stand up and help others?

1. Commitment to task.
Do what you are assigned with passionate excellence. Give your customers a remarkable experience that makes them return and refer you with joy. love your neighbor as yourself, Medicate yourself well enough to take care of others rather than multiplying victims and causalities with mediocrity.

2. Guide others rights.
When you tell a person he is doing wrong, you have only served him a notice to impending danger. Zero tolerance for repeat errors in objective, reducing defective rate will guide product quality. this is what successful directive and guidance is all about.

3. Share Knowledge:
Teach others on the jobs.Don’t monopolize knowledge. Someone taught you. Open up the understanding of others to become willing. with willingness success is nearer than failure!

4. Democratize skill.
Train your employee with credible hands not ignorant Sycophants who claim knowledge. We reduce dependence and multiply confidence with good and strategic training. Selfish training only focus on the job and ignores the person. this is where the police and forces have failed.

5.Employ Supervisory Excellence
Supervisory excellence is key to business success. Correct for improvement not ridicule. Build a credible and capable bank of supplements by driving empowerment. Be the best examples as a supervisor or boss. learn to listen and work in togetherness. Draw the line when needful but don’t make task a burden. Support is part of supervision. A supervisor is a shoulder not a slippery hand. Let your down-line trust your judgement and also believe in their initiative.

6. Enjoy your bond:
Compliment others, don’t compete blindly or greedily. You sell in the market and your wares are finished, refer demand to others. Trying to go and get it make a spread is not smartness. you are increasing the cost to the buyer to make a profit you do not deserve. Don’t do everything for profit, think of the blessings from a help. Working with other hatred is a pain to your potentials for success. Gossiping and backbiting in the office saps productive capacities. The little habits that appear negligible have terrible consequence. Help someone to change their odd habits by standing with blameless habits.

7. Advertise with a conscience.
Are you leading people astray by the tricks of advert. Don’t let your advert be a trap for sales but an education that convince a buy. Publish your testimonials objectively without exaggeration. Exaggeration wins only once! marketing is not saying what you cant do. Marketing is confessing the truth about ability and promising within performance capacity.

8. Make appraisal and evaluations objective:
Perform objective appraisals and evaluations. when appraisals are subjective, the destiny of the business will nosedive because commitment will fade and enterprise success will wane. Appraise to improve, give and respect feed backs and publish appraisal results. Cascade rewards and publish exceptional performance. Curb observed lapses and train for upgrade.

9. Lead with legacy in view:
Practice leadership excellence. Lead others into their own leadership. leadership is making others leaders in their aspects of follower-ship. If you are lecturer teach in a manner that all students understand how to apply teaching in their eventual chosen career! That takes robustness! A leader must be robust to stand up and help others! Good leadership creates a wonderful and vibrant succession.

10. Reward timely and rightly.
Rewards carries an energetic force that drives desire to act. Action is what fuels productivity. when a rewards system is set employees set their plans and expectations in the direction of the period of reward. An obsolete dispense of reward system builds doubts of employer commitment especially with silence.
No enterprise becomes distinct with poor language or communication. Channels of communication must be sane and civil not harsh and barbaric. Many businesses and organizations are dead because of poor communication. Why is salary late? it is not a big deal if HR sends an apology. Learn to recognize, commend and reward exceptional performance. it builds the responsiveness of others and indirectly engineers productivity.

This is the business i do with what i have been given and sourced rightly through personal commitment. What have you been given? Are you sourcing for success rightly? what are you personally committed to? Are you aware of your potentials? what is the destiny of what you do? is your enterprise succeeding?

It is wisdom that commands profit! Wisdom is profitable to direct! Wisdom is thinking right, acting right in the right direct at the right time in the right place. The constant is rightness. When you are right what comes out of you will be right. Everything is product of thought. The worth of a man is his thought. when the imaginations of the thoughts of man grieved God he flooded their destruction. the entirety of man’s was destroyed and their destiny was doomed.

Is your enterprise in the business of rightness? is your business grieving God? if your answers are NO then you have already failed or failing! until you seek to stand rightly and help others expect failure and damnation!

HERE is a blameless counsel for Enterprise success and business destiny from Blameless Sight Solutions Limited

Thank you and God bless you!

Senior Business Executive.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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