Dear Couple, 

Financial Misery is a choice, likewise is financial freedom! i have come to know that family finance can be a worrisome course in the school of marital fulfillment but i have come to know that financial training can be a good tool to delete financial misery. However, I am confident that this few words of wisdom will address the many issues for a glorious turnaround if only you would care to consider and comply. I believe these written words would become indelible prints you can always refer to and be blessed beyond measure. They are as simple as below:                                                  Image

  • Financial misery or reproach is cheap to the man of low understanding about money and personal discipline. It is possible to be diligent and live amongst peasants if you are unwise.
  • To forget to pay your tithe shows how much you love your well of income. When we lose sight of the goose that keeps the golden eggs coming then we are closer to famine!
  • When your expenses supersede your income, your upkeep would be your downfall.  Taking care of basic expenses economically to the proportion of income is a wise way to avoid the tension and trauma of debt. Life is full of phases and each phase is temporal if properly managed but if otherwise the next phase would be crippled. Don’t live an exotic life in a basic economy. Only limited minds get trapped in the Parkinson’s Law. Don’t buy what you don’t need and avoid impressing people (some will never be in your future, so its a woeful investment) rather be consumed with pleasing God!
  • Don’t send your kids to schools that require an overdraft, a child’s brilliance is combination of parental knowledge and guidance, school’s framework and values and Godly counsel.
  • Money can be chains in the hands of a man with lose empathy about the future. Empathy is not foolishness! Closing your eyes to reality in the name of public image will ruin the future.
  • Keeping two homes is expensive especially with one source. When one home requires more resources than the other that finances the whole, there would be drain into debt if there is not necessary caution and understanding. One functional eye will yet have a limited view. Husband and wife must work to earn a financially free future.  Why pay two house rents if there are opportunities to collapse one of the rent values into a profitable business or investment. More so, prepare to leave the rental for your estate. (Whatever you can afford and you need, own and stop buying).
  • A family that stays together plans together and efficiently manages resources that they have an idea of how it is sourced; convincing stakeholders at the other end looks hypocritical on phone hence they may not feel real impact of the financial scarcity experience. If couples are separated by likely permanent jobs, check if the skills are transferable to fetch a similar job and collapse the distance and financial flight.
  • The good news is that the ideology is full time house wife can give birth to financial misery through one source of finance. Apply wisdom to engage yourself without ignoring your responsibilities. Truth is that we are closer to poverty with a windfall and farther from penury in diligence. The wantons and gluttons live in a vicious circle of poverty a Wiseman said.
  • Effective parenting by one spouse is expensive and maybe unachievable; as a husband you spend money that you may not get same value if both couples are together. Why finance regret? More regretfully is that the mold you may get may not be your desire simply because your desire to keep a source of income.
  • A good marriage of couples finance makes everyone accountable and responsible, in some cases will ensure stability and fence divorce. This is achievable with revelational counsel! This is not a robbery ticket for exploitation and laxity of responsibility.
  • When the purse becomes lean by change, it is necessary to hold a stakeholders meeting to explain the necessary change in menu and desires so that the lean resources can keep everyone from misery. Couples must reason together in tough times to forge ahead without losing their romance.
  • If the family forgets to save, it will always remember financial misery and lose the opportunities of the future! Procrastination is enmity with opportunity!

It is always my pleasure to share my thoughts for your valuable future!

Think and grow rich is not just a title but a valuable counsel! Your family is the unit of global prosperity!


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Yours sincerely,

 Afolabi Julius Olatunde

Senior Business Executive

Blameless Sight Solutions limited. 

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