Trust is the pivot of relationship!

Follower-ship is a service credit card but many followers are destiny debit cards. Many people seek mentor-ship but their aim is theft not service. Mentor-ship or follower-ship is serving to earn the grace or the virtue or get blessed. The Mentor-Mentee relationship is not a parasitic relationship. it is an upward mutual connection, mentee seeks the growth of mentor and mentor prepares the rise of the mentee! A supervisor is a mentor to a subordinate and a subordinate is a follower to his supervisor. Position is not for suppression or oppression but growth and development of others. Title is a term for task not an excuse badge!

“follower-ship is not a guaranty of loyalty” Beware of those follow you or claim to follow you. Sensitivity is key! Loyalty is genuineness of motive! Heart integrity is the litmus test for follower-ship!

without true followership, mentorship and loyalty, we shut down productivity!

Are you a follower? Are you a mentor? Are you a mentee? What is your heart integrity and sanity of your motive? What you sow is what you will reap! Np one pulls another down and grows! if he or she grows,the eventual fall will be dastard, why invest in destruction?

Trust is expensive, don’t make yours cheap! it is wisdom to remain sensitive!

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