Four (4) Wining Ways of Talent in the Marketplace.

In the Marketplace, we cant undermine the place of talent in positioning for Leadership and lasting Success!

There are four (4) strategic Wining Ways of Talent in the Marketplace.

  1. Identification
  2. Refinement
  3. Strategy
  4. Recognision.

There is a native deposit that the supreme intelligence of the divine decided for man to uncover and optimize to take his place!

Talent is a NATIVE ABILITY or SPECIAL APTITUDE is a field or sphere of Influence that is a strategic tool when refined! When Talents are taken to the next level through strategic training and upskilling, they become an arsenal for influence and Affluence.

The Talent Pool of a Team, Business, Organization and Cabinet determines her Economic Power and Performance!

The dynamics of processing preferred outcome respects a resourceful Talent pool. What is the value of your Business or company Talent Pool?

Power changes things but authority changes power. Your gift is your authority. Moses had only a rod and he changed everything in Egypt. Men who have used their talents and gifting have redirected the way we live and commanded attention even without shouting. Our gifts are the voices of our authority.

Your gift is properly embedded in you to make your prosperity sure!

There is great wealth in your talent but until your eyes are opened and you are committed to rebranding it compatibly, you may become a victim of avoidable suffering!

Until you are able to at least calculate the worth of your talent to the world around you, you may live in penury and misery. He who lives in the ocean should not die of thirst. Take responsibility to redesign your genius!

Wealth is comprehensive state of SATIATION and FULFILLMENT. Power is the DYNAMIC ABILITY to birth changes.

The search for these two forces has wearied so many and have left many bewildered. Worst still it had led many into destruction but life was not designed as such. Satan has a broad way that leads nowhere but Jesus is and has small simple ways that leads to somewhere worth living.

Life is predictable if we will be willing to commit our time and energy to obey the rules.

Whoso keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing, and a wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment.

I am often very shocked that many are searching the wrong place for wealth and power when they have been packaged with them. The missing coin is inside of them. Search YOU!

Talent is the way to and raw material for wealth and power. Daniel rose to power by his Talent and Joseph gained authority by his Talent.

Everyman’s misery or fulfillment is judged by the conversion of his time. The masters of today were slaves of yesterday who focused on their dream!

The Capacity to make your DREAM a REALITY is inside your Talent.

What do you think? What Value did you glean from this post!

Julius Afolabi

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