Like every business or organization, every man has his or her target and vision for living. The workplace is the furnace that makes this possible but because these aspirations are often choked, the quality of contribution and performance is often jeopardized.

In today’s corporate world, there is more  of awareness, tension and competition than ever before. The core corporate assets satisfaction and fulfillment is what powers up the productivity of the firm or organization. Employee inspiration and bottom line improvement are inevitable items for corporate consideration.

How then can Organizations achieve an Optimum Balance?

1. Set the Organizational Template and work with Employee Choices

One way businesses and organizations build their productivity is through Career Path Planning and Skill Development. The issue is that employers are selfish. They mostly fix the skills to learn or courses to take. Fine, a Need Analysis may have been conducted based on work demands but not usually on employee personal growth plan. The freedom to choose creates an air of fulfillment and personal growth. Productivity improves because the employee’s has some power to decide his involvement. Employers are mostly afraid that employees would be selfish as well. The balance is in workplace trust!

When you get to a restaurant, you are offered a menu from which you make a choice. Why do we have receptionist? To welcome the comfort of transacting with the organization and serve the client with a service experience. If organizations create a card of training menu that employees tick their choices, the harvest sends a signal to employee worth and talent pool value which can help the organization determine the direction of her future productivity.

2. Engage Employee Capacity and provide Support.

The ideal and future workplace demands employee involvement if their engagement would be most profitable. Organizations and businesses have objectives so they are often the ones who set the target but to achieve greater productivity and employee satisfaction the management should make obvious the big picture and allow employees to set targets that would achieve it. When employees have the confidence of support and the regularity of appreciation and recognition, performance and productivity will soar because employees are inspired.

Employee know themselves and can push themselves at will, all they need is inspiration. Allowing employee’s set the target commits them and where it doesn’t meet the big picture, it becomes the minimum expectation while more is inspired from the workforce. People are mostly committed to their decisions even when they know it comes with a reward and it’s a responsibility for which they have been engaged.

3. Provide Generic Life Orientation.

Many employees have personally mismanaged lives that pull strings on their performance. Businesses and organizations are usually callous about employees’ personal challenges.

It may be impossible to detect employees’ personal challenges but there are generic life orientations that work through the stream of every man’s life.

Examples of these generic life orientations include Personal finance and family life structuring. These life orientation help shape the personal growth of the employees which in turn shapes their contribution. Like i have many times observed, it is impossible for a frustrated employee to provide quality service and hit excellence.

The psychological pitch of man contributes to his productivity. This sense of belonging explains to the workforce that as the organization seeks it performance improvement it equally seeks the workforce personal growth.

If the organization or business is growing and the machinery for its growth are not growing, the imbalance will pollute the future of the organization’s bottom line.

One strong way to maximize productivity and drive performance is to demonstrate that you care about the life and growth of the workforce.

The organization and business of the future will from time to time put together this life orientation or create a communication system that implements it.

4. Entrench workplace Trust

Productivity and employee satisfaction is an intra and inter person condition of work system.

Trust is the comfort of freedom, the test of previous, present and future knowledge. It is a harmony of perception, intention and expectation. Trust is fragile, hard to create and cheap to destroy. When trust dies, failure lives!

Business and corporate performance is a product of a trusted process; each employee must be able to delightfully rely on the process and the input of the next man. Quality Productivity follows a Comprehensive Support Plan.

Trust is a priceless virtue in the workplace. Leadership is easier and management is effective with trust. Trust in the workplace has two way dimensional influence from top to the bottom and vice versa. If you are going to break the rules don’t expect anyone to obey it.

Business ethics are guidepost to business and Organizational culture, it is this culture that is reflected in the workforce to attract customer and client loyalty.

Trust polishes productivity and performance because it relates to self, task and the next man. Employees are seeking trust worthy employers while employers are seeking loyal employees; the meeting point is Workplace trust.

Trust is created by Clarity of Values, openness, understanding, integrity, fairness, competence and consistency.

When leadership respects shared values above personal gains, respects employees’ opinions and feedback, communicate and live the business and organizational visions, and does what is right regardless of personal risk, it is building trust in its environment. That way contribution is powered, fear is deleted, teamwork is engineered and performance is improved.

When these four keys are engaged employees are happier and productivity is enhanced.

Move up your bottom line and increase the potency of your workforce.

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