Jesus said the KINGDOM of GOD is WITHIN YOU.
Luke 17:21, Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
One morning i sat up to watch the last speech of Jim Rohn before he passed on. it was awesome to see how much your knowledge can mend the lives of many and give them a whole new dimension to life. When your days are still fresh, give it to changing lives with what you have learnt. Jim Rohn was an exceptional thought leader. He once sat with a globally renown personality and he was asked “can you tell us one book that you will take along with you into the dessert, the other man mentioned a famous book that influenced him but Jim Rohn said ” THE BIBLE because within it are other books minimum of 66 books. Everyone of us has greatness within!
Knowledge of the truth holds possibilities you cant calculate. Try to see greatness appreciated by those who have been touched.
seek to touch lives by what you do in a manner that they cant erase their meeting you. That is GREATNESS!
I cant imagine how the father of Joseph felt to know that Joseph rescued Egypt and is now the Prime minister. Yet Joseph said you meant it for evil me and God turned it around.
Until you make up your mind to make your improvement intentional you will lose the opportunity to be great!
Master your craft, embellish it with the knowledge of the truth and set the lot you will come across free from their dilemma in a manner that you are etched in their mind forever.
The sowers first set of seeds were taken over by the birds, thorns etc but he didn’t stop until he arrive the good ground that had variety of capacities. Keeping sharing what you know, it will light the life of someone!
As i do my training and talks around my circle of influence, i teach life skills helping others to see themselves better than they are. There is no need to criticize another man’s philosophy, just show him what is capable of beyond where he is. if what you know is superior, you have deposited greatness in them. the assignment is to seek what is superior. LIGHT!
Become an agent of taking off the cloth of pain and despair for many. Don’t let circumstances define you! Save the future with the greatness within you! 
Rejoice for the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed. Prevail with the greatness within you!
Afolabi Julius Olatunde.

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