How to Build a Growing Productive Ecosystem at Work and Business..

How to Build a Growing Productive Ecosystem at Work and Business..

The workplace and business space are two ecosystems that desire growth and positive plus profitable productivity. 

Without this growth reality, the ecosystem becomes a stench with toxic culture of depreciation.

How Do We Create The Environment That Drives This Reality.

  1. Avoid the Poison of Insecure Leadership.

The terrible organic factor that destroys productivity and integrity of profitability is Insecure Leadership.
Leaders are expected to be confident to lead themselves and the right process. the ugly results of many businesses, institutions and organizations is an offshoot of insecurity.
What is Leadership Insecurity anyway? it is the fear of losing your autonomy because you rebuff challenge and improvements that are not originating from you.
  1. Invite The wealth of your Team’s Improvement Ideas with System Flexibility but Rigid Standard of Value.

A team is an intercourse of interdisciplinary cohesion of people working towards the growth goals of an organization, business or project.
Great Leaders build systems that are flexible on method but rigid on standards of truth and Value. The system shares the opulence of improvement idea and culture in alignment with corporate objective.
  1. Respect the RIGHT PROCESS.

Productivity and growth happen when people trust the process and the process itself is right. A right process honors values, quality and improves behavior.
When Leadership Insecurity happens, process becomes politicized. The system culture becomes poisoned because people lack trust in the process.
The RIGHT PROCESS is viewed as rebellion and a disruption to personal ideologies instead of considering the corporate good.


Daniel Pink in His book “DRIVE” opined that a sense of autonomy, freedom increases creativity and motivates ingenuity. Tell people what you want but not how you want it and see how different minds can think.
A leading company allowed employees to work on their own personal project on a specific day but must teach the result of the process to his team. It was amazingly how ideas were cross fertilized. So an inflexible system will depreciate and stiffen innovation. Freedom is a great incentive to innovation.  

If you  and your business management team will commit to the four tools above, you will assuredly build a productive ecosystem. 

Would be glad to get your questions and read your contributions on the above. 

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