As an individual, business or professional desiring to become Organized for more, you should ..

Develop IMPROVED START SYSTEMS on your Routine. 

Your Personal Productivity grows when your delivery quality gives you an IMPROVED START, especially when your deliverable are around a growing routine.
To be more productive, Efficient and effective, you must learn to create a system around your routine. Whatever you repeatedly do, create a system around it. A System is an organized order of delivery that simplifies effort and improves quality!
It is usually very demanding, to create an improving reset system but discipline is the key virtue. I have been a chief victim of leaving my writing space covered with reference books and my table gets unattractive and unready for the next work. Sometimes this haphazardness can shut the mind.
You need to create an improving reset system to help you get a better start, sometimes when you miss the order of delivery, you may create an inconvenience reserve.
INCONVENIENCE RESERVE is the poisonous residue of procrastination. The bad feeling for not doing it before now and encroaching to odd your even.
Where do you use most in your home? Your room, your work-space or your kitchen? Fill the copier with papers after exhausting it. You have to create a reset system that brings the place to their original or improved state.
Do the dishes; arrange them immediately after meals to get the kitchen ready for the next cooking. Clear the table, place books back in the shelf after use, put all pen, pencils, rule, in a vase; keep table ready for next work. It feels good to emerge.
Do you work in an office? Keep your tools, forms, most used items in a circle of reach.
Do you write? Have a logical sequence of thoughts that makes sense.
If you are in sales or marketing, you should have a list of calls, major contact of the call, draft of conversation, necessary forms to be completed, processes that will win it, timing and possible discount, etc.
If you work in an office, your desk is equipped and all that is needed to start and complete your job description are available within reach. That way, service value is seamless. Clear your clutter, define your tools, sort, shine, straighten, standardize and sustain.
When you go into the supermarket, you will experience some form of Organization; Items, products are organized into segment for convenient shopping without wandering? When you See an army on a parade ground? if you observe a swarm of bees, you see the organized movement, its powerful for delivering their agenda? You feel the texture of organizing. It produces efficiency, effectiveness, order and profitable performance.
If you are not organized, you can’t be effective, you can’t decipher variances, you aren’t presenting your best version neither are you predicting your future value!

How can you become organized for more in a simple personal format?

  • Identify what must be done
  • Identify and assemble what is needed to get it done.
  • Design a map of least resistance (smooth ride strategic enough to win obstacles)
  • Remember priority and consider opportunity cost.
  • Evaluate.
A simple To-do-list with the virtue disciplined focus is an effective tool kit.
What do you think?
Julius Afolabi
Value Improvement.

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