INTRA – INTER Competence: HOW to Boost your Business Performance and Income in the Marketplace

As a profession, coach or Business Owner, Business performance is a function of many factors and they all directly or indirectly exerts influence on the income generating power of whatever you do, serve or produce.

Performance is the response to the Intra and inter Competencies of those involved in the production and service process. The effectiveness and efficiency of their functional values drives business income.

Three (3) Peculiar Factors of Business Performance and Income Growth in the marketplace are

  1. Timeless Business Ethics

  2. Long term Vision

  3. Clarity of Performance Destination.

In the business and corporate space, besides your technical competence, your social and ethical values contribute to your acceptance and ranking for patronage.

  • What are the principles guiding what you do?
  • What is the long-term goal behind what you do?
  • What are the end results for those you serve?

Many people are in business for so many reasons and it is these reasons that guide their business model and the results they command. 

Some people aren’t ready to remain unique and definite, they only repeat what has been and never evolve with times or bring newness to change the game.

In simple explanation:

Your System, your Style and Structure are very crucial to your Business performance in the marketplace. Offline or Online.

Step 1: Be Clear About The Ethical Values That Will Build Your Brand, Influence Your Performance And Business Income.

Ethics are a system of principles that governs the conduct of an individual or business. What are moral fibers of your performance, productivity and profit.

Many years ago, when I first got married, we had a troublesome generator but unknowing we got it a more dangerous mechanic.

Someone introduced us to this young man and each time the guy checks the generator, he will say, sir the governor is bad, I kept wondering if there any part of the generator called governor. Google was not that a trend like how and so our ignorance was a viable space.

One day, I told my wife, this governor that is always bad, maybe it is the mechanic that is bad. We opted for another engineer and he never mentioned governor. So, I knew, he was trading with a deceitful language.

Recently, I saw him, after many years over a decade, he is not different rather he looked worse. As soon as I saw him, I said the governor is bad. He smiled but that meant a lot.

In Business, if you want lifetime customers, engaged the Skill of Sincerity. It’s intangible but has tangible rewards. It’s a monetary virtue.

Now, it makes more sense why when God altered their language, their enterprise expired. The Bible is so rich in enriching our lives.

Moral of my experience:

Language is a very powerful tool in business but sincerity must be part of your skill.

There are skills that give viability to skill. One of them is SINCERITY.

Many businesses have died and will die for lack of it.

You Know what i found? DECEIT or DECEPTION in Business  IS A LOSS CHANNEL.

Truth is no matter how long deception may live, truth will find her out and then the deceivers’ sorrows would be multiplied.

Deceit creates only One-Time buyers instead of All-Time buyers.

If you use charm to get a guy, the troubles of the renewal process and the fear in which you constantly live are good enough to make your life miserable.

And when you are eventually caught, sorrow and loss of years becomes your pain.

Do you have a similar experience or are you guilty? Feel Free to share in the comments. 

Step 2: Train Yourself and Get Trained to Deliver for a Premium

Training and coaching beautify business process and delivery.

When you get to Olympics, different athletes show up with their coaches and we see their training in their performance. Strategies could be familiar but not similar, the performance and the person of the athletes makes the total difference.

Your personal value and discovery will always enhance your delivery and performance.


Did you get any value from this post?

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Julius Afolabi | Founder, Value Improvement Academy.