One of the greatest prayers of David was “Give me UNDERSTANDING and I SHALL LIVE. Psalms 119:144. God has a goal and YOU are the PLAN so he you LIFE!

Life is a plan to hit a goal hence a plan-less life is a woeful sojourn. Also lifeless plan is a careful waste. it is the pursuit of a plan that give it life, what activates your plan is the ACTIONS and EFFECTIVE ACTIVITIES that follows. A fantastic business plan with out an ACTION PLAN is not only a day dream but a drama and a paper tiger!

A plan is an envisioned blueprint of the future! A blueprint is careful design! Planning is the secret behind the fulfillment of dreams but ACTION IS THE LIFE OF A PLAN! Architectural plans are mere images of the house but work on the site put life in the architectural plan or design. The fear of action is the reason for stagnation! The point of action that made the prodigal son frugal. Luke 15:18. Delay is satanic wheel chair that makes you comfortable with stagnation. Procrastination is no difference!

I Maintain forever that God is a MASTERMIND (Let this MIND be in you which was in Christ (Phil 2:5) and Christ was called MASTER!) and a STRATEGIC PLANNER, As be brooded, he acted; he didn’t create fish before water or man before all he needed and this is the reason after all that was created he reviewed and positioned it is VERY GOOD!

All the bodies of knowledge of all the professional certifications draw inspiration from the word of God, why? In HIM is hid all the TREASURES (Collection of worth) of wisdom (Actions of worthy knowledge) and Knowledge. Col 2:3.

In accounting parlance, the books of the reviewed yearly called accounting period and in taxation taxes are calculated based on accounting year. This is also confirmed in the parable of the fig tree! Luke 13:6-9. This means yearly the life of our plan are reviewed! God checks up on us yearly. Let this year bear much fruit!

This year, put more life into your plan! ACT! Expertise is simply a repetition that make difficult things simple! Until you align with God, your plans are volatile to invasion and distraction of the enemy. it is with GOD ALL THINGS (INCLUDING YOUR PLANS) ARE POSSIBLE! Only God violates the law of gravity in life. Proverbs 4:18

A plan-less life is a wasted life. There is no life with a lifeless plan! your plans may make you smile but inaction will make you sob! Inaction is product of the trinity of waste. learn more about waste in my book “TRINITY OF WASTE!

Go and triumph with your plans by injecting the life of ACTION!

Julius Afolabi

Teacher|Author|Training Consultant ILife Coach| Senior Business Executive, Blameless Sight solutions Limited

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