Our delight in life is tailored along of perceptive dimension. No man is weak but ignorance complicates the habitat. Average wasn’t not the deal when you were born!

The world is your space; don’t waste away in the ephemeral comfort that hold back your potentials. The average life is a life pulsed by ignorance of the enormousity of potentials. Never desire the average; it is burial place of excellence. Today, unemployment shares a similar feature with inflation. It is not longer the multitudes of jobs available for fewer graduates but rather it is multitudes of graduates chasing fewer jobs. We must get this right, if you are not preparing for competition; know that competition is constantly preparing for you. Think now so that you don’t stink with time. You must do a critical gap analysis and find your locus.

Striving to become average is the ridicule of potentials, to become the least of the tops and best of the worst is not the design of man. In the pyramid of life all the multitudes below gather to support the few at the top yet one man will be at the topmost, the peak! Strive to become that man.

The agenda of your life was not to be little, how come you want to let yourself drag the achievement and accomplishment in you. The coffin of the worst has no label but the crowd of condolence wouldn’t even let you see the color of the best, it is surrounded by celebrities. Are you going to renew your epitaph?

The average life is the silent majority and the loudest minority. The average life is the opportunity cost of the abundant life. You were made for the abundant life! Fill the space of purpose; bridge the gap of where you are now to where you ought to be!

There is a necessary need for you to evaluate your position today and now. Evaluation is the process of glancing backwards and planning forward, a reconciliation of treated process to create a protected process. Check what you have done or been doing in other to change what you will do or be doing to experience better results. This is the systematic way of designing your life before other things do. The truth remains that if you are complacent about your position now it may lead you to ruin. Don’t quit, quittance is the elimination from championship.

Industry and enterprise are no longer subjects of persuasion but rather an obligatory mandate that proof you healthy and sane. Arise and shine with the worth of your breathe. Heart beats are necessary beeps of impact and influence for positive change.

Life may not be fun but we have the ability to win.

Curled from the book titled “THE TRINITY OF WASTE” authored by Afolabi Julius Olatunde.


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