Making Discerning Decisions about Business, Investment or Career.

Solutions emanate from Decisions made from the selection of the best option wisely screened.

Businesses, Investments and Career Pursuit are all geared towards solutions.

Aliko Dangote Said ” Any business that the top 10 executives of our company cannot wake up and provide details from A to Z, we will pull out of it”

Warren Buffet said “We dont invest in companies, we invest in the business we understand”.

Decision making is a critical essential for life, business, investment and career. These spheres affect the productivity and profitability of Personal living, Market influence and Workplace Effectiveness.
Questions are often a great tool for reasoning and making decisions, these equipped signing on or off OPTIONS to weave a SELECTION into a DECISION.
The big question is


Business and Career are for VALUE not EGO!
Investments are for stable and progressive returns on Investment; While Personal Goals pursuit are for Returns on ENERGY and EFFORTS.
This implies that Clarity and Meaningful purpose are essential in any life pursuit, business and investment decision.
Are you taking the class because others are or because it would IMPROVE your EARNING POTENTIAL and DRIVE your DREAM.
Some people pursue expansion without VALUE and some chase EGO without BENEFIT in their expenses and investment. Public Image but personal Damage
Investment and business aren’t ventures for EGO but for Value that Improve the stakeholders confidence of stable and consistent returns.
 It is common place for many people to delve in to businesses or careers that they do not have PROCESS UNDERSTANDING about. choosing a career requires a careful introspection and personal cum professional surveillance! Being mindless about this is the path of careful and unwise losses.

In the astute comments of the renowned entrepreneur and investor above, it is visible that you cant do business, pursue a career and work on a project without understanding the process, its pitfalls, peaks and trend.

Only a fool test deep waters with both legs, wiser people do litmus test with one foot and a leverage hold.
who are you talking to before investing? A frugal investor or a fraud star or Quack?
what interviews and questions have you asked before jumping into that Business?
What are the criterion that approve your decision? This is where the commitment and responsibility for your experience reside.

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