Tough times comes with a lot of pressure of the family and this require a proper balance. More than ever in tough times marriages undergo shaking because survival and well being is sometimes questioned.
There is a necessary need for the captain of the marital ship to shift the set of the sail with confidence and provide good tutelage about a change for more. Love is to be better understood in tough times.
Wisdom and knowledge bring stability while understanding births establishment. Men must possess the capacity to see possibilities and commence corporate action towards the new possibility. Women must become wiser in tough times to build and hold the home.
There is so much premarital counseling but little post marital counseling. In tough times families need greater understanding than before. this can only happen with continuous post marital counseling. When last did you read a book or an article on marriage since you got married. There is no expert in marriage no matter the age of marriage. until there is increasing wisdom, knowledge and understanding, marriage will suffer harmful shaking in tough times. Your stability and approval in in what you study. it is out of the treasure of your heart, abundance will flow. Isaiah 33:6, Luke 6:45!
Satan will arrange a barrage of suggestions that may look attractive in tough times, it is the solidity of the foundation built in the marriage that holds a fence and dispels such suggestions. Many ignorant spouses make satanic deceptive suggestions a decision and truncate their marital bliss.
The concepts that you live your life by can either imprison you or liberate you in tough times. if you have been beating your wife before tough times then you may kill her in tough times. if you have been keeping some secrets before tough times then we can expect betrayal in tough times. If you have been foolish before tough times then willing irresponsibility would happen in tough times. Marriage and family is seed that needs constant watering of the word of God and prayer because the times are evil! Proverbs 4:20-27!
A wise man wrote ” Men never lie on their deathbeds and wish they could have spent more time in the office. They always long to go back and spend more time with their family (wife and children). if you prioritize God’s priority, God can give you greater favor at work, bless you in ways your job never could and stretch out the income you do bring in”.
Like i have discovered, there will be no marriage in heaven but what happened in your marriage can deny you eternity with God.
May God’s wisdom, the knowledge of the truth and the understanding of love keep our marriages and eternity.
Stay informed on your marriage. Tough times may last but tough minds outlast tough times.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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