Financial INTEGRITY remains the seed of FINANCIAL DIGNITY!

Years ago as i was invited to speak to university students, one of my mentee as an aftermath of impact bought me a book titled as above and i was grate to catch a philosophy as i perused the book tacitly. Again “Thank you Jonathan! Transfer of wealth is having an irresistible product that even the devil will buy! God is wise, breathe, water, air salvation, understanding, mysteries are such! Money will never make you rich, Only BLESSINGS will. No wonder the CURSE OF THE LORD IS IN THE HOUSE OF A THIEF. A thief is a wicked mind! Zach 5:1-4, Proverbs 3:33!

Today corruption seem the order of the day for many and money is central factor of decision to so do. Many employees desks are now toll gates that clients and those for which they are employed to serve are compelled to pay fees which they dastard civilization have given many names. (Appreciation, egunje, moral booster, encouragement, do something and all sort). Even a cleaner will ask you for transport money within offices and officers /officials will insist they don’t have recharge card to follow up your file. Corporate organization delays salaries to earn investment interest, accountants do overnight investments to earn interest on corporate wages. leaders suspend salary payment to fund personal agendas.Some professionals call it creative accounting, what is creative about what is illegal. The true creative accounting is a way of deferring payment not absconding or short circuiting payment. i went to make an affidavit and was asked to pay N500 for what the law says is N100. In the court of law for that matter. Either i pay N500 or no affidavit. Haa! Yet judges will sentence some people to jail for stealing. How blind! anyone deprived of his right is defrauded and that is theft of justice! I lament where is the job ethics, civil sanity and moral sanctity. let me enlighten you guys out there if you are one. Truth is bitter but bitter pills heal fatal ailments.Every body is doing is not a law for involvement! Don’t earn the curse you were not designed for!

There is field called ACELDAMA! it was Judas’ and he bought it with his treasury of betrayal allowance. this is the same with all the mentioned above already. No one has ever done any reasonable things with an accursed purse! Judas Committed suicide on that his field. it is recorded as the field of blood. Blood money will eventually suck your blood! ACTS 1:18-19!

Can you finance a child with embezzled funds and expect him to become a pride to humanity? Check almost all the uniform jobs that extort people on the road and offices, their lives is not any better yearly, go to their family. check organizations and corporation riddled with he accursed philosophy, its a corporate stench! their lives are nothing to write home about. Many even share in it, if you share in anything accursed, you will partake in the curses.Mind the gifts you take! it doesn’t matter what you are or who you are. A thief is a THIEF. The act of stealing makes a thief! Thieves don’t do any tangible thing with stolen money, its either with prostitutes, drinking, clubbing, cars that eventually kill them etc. Why? wealth gotten by vanities will diminish but he that gathers by labor would increase. Proverbs 13:11. Are you in their number? listen good!

Jeremiah said “{17:11} As the partridge sitteth [on eggs,] and hatcheth [them] not; [so] he that getteth riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool! Divine principle of retribution! Quantity doesn’t matter, the act is the matter!

There are many who were siren driven years back but are in prison today, many more are still coming in! There are governors of yesteryear who are beggars today. Many people have imprison their destinies with the accursed thing. you know why sexual immorality is a lane to deadly diseases? Curse of the Lord in the house of a thief! Fornication is stealing, Adultery is Stealing! that pleasure doesn’t belong to you! You are the temple or house of God, so sickness, infections will visit that body in immorality.

An accursed thing is whatever you take that without permission and does not belong to you! Leave bribery, embezzlement, creative accounting, smart fraud alone, do your job and earn your pay and be blessed. it is God’s blessing that makes rich and add no sorrow!  A Taxi/ cabman testified of being rewarded with N4m for returning N10m left behind by omission in his cab to some aged. he bought for himself a property by financial integrity, God is reading to lift you if you will stop shifting grounds on his standard.

Corruption is a mentality, we cant cure it without sanctity of the heart and renewal of minds. If you conquer mammon, you will control money. To conquer mammon takes laboring in the word and prayer for divine blessings!

Curled from “30 PIECES OF SILVER” Authored by Afolabi Julius Olatunde​

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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