It is the truth you know that sets you free. the pulpit is the most effective platform to address many societal issues that has been a pest on the health of the church. There is so much lies about what marriage is and what exactly sexual intimacy is and this has been responsible for the degree of marital frustrations and societal emotional vandalization. It is improper to ignore the veritable platform! 
The devil frustrates intimacy in marriages to damage the sexual life of marriages,  he then packages lust as a temptation to vitiate the spirituality of the marriage and eventually collapse the family structure. The devils is subtle he visit he visits the negligible to destroy the established. God loves family and we move love families enough to protect its health from the pulpit. 
Many marriages are under attack and many destinies have been grounded by the ignorance of the truth about sexual intimacy in marriage. for intimacy to happen, all relational barriers must be treated, it is terrible to have a spouse share her or his body but close her or his heart.
The center of many homes are no longer holding because there are many lies that worldly philosophies have made many believe but the truth will not change. God created sex and made rules for them but ignorance has mastered many. The numbers of marital wreckage is growing daily. Couples must seek a change and improve personal studies on marital fulfillment to guard their center of their homes.
Many pulpit find it too carnal to discuss these truths but spend huge times,resources counseling and managing marriages and marital flaws. Many never show up for such counseling but are battered.
Intimacy is vital in marriage.Intimacy activates sexual fulfillment. it is godly to search for the truth about sexual intimacy in marriage and strive to comply to save the elongate your marital bliss.
Love your neighbor as yourself we chant daily but who else is your closest neighbor? Your spouse. if love is the greatest commandment then intimacy in marriage is a great demand of the christian home.
Love without intimacy is carnality! Get intimate with your spouse and erase the dangers of hidden sins. God bless our homes in Jesus name.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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