Mediocrity is the unwanted tutor celebrated by ignorance and honored by weak minds!

Mediocrity is the unashamed display of ignorance. Ignorance is a terrible agent so much that it would make a sane man dress up as a mediocre. In our society today because we can’t afford the best we empower the mediocre! Attaching emotions to a mediocre is foolishness because competence is a school built backwards. What do I means? Begin with the end in mind! Ignorant people patronize the mediocre because the law is blind as displayed or is compromised because the watchdog cannot bark or lack tooth. How can an illiterate policeman arrest a learned lawyer? How can an ignorant public office holder bring a change? Mediocrity intimidates performance! Mediocrity ridicules civilization, that is why a 50 year old man would sag his trousers to showcase civilization or a mother would publicize the sacred parts of her body or a lawmaker would allow natural nemesis mess him up legally & publicly. When they say adultery kills a mediocre mind would say only the ones that are not smart would die! They say smokers are liable to die young yet a medical doctor would say how many people has it killed? Do you have to be 3 feet under to believe the reality of death or be a corpse to believe a cemetery exists? This is simply mediocre analysis from a mediocre mind pioneered by the destructive agency (Satan and Demonic Spirits). A man is hungry but would prefer to smoke, is that normal?  A married woman, another man mounts you like a machine or a man that sees his wife as expired for that moment mounting another expired woman by his definition of his own wife. Is that normal? THINK!!!

When you appoint a mediocre, expect to fight fires throughout his tenure! Like commonly said it’s not all that glitters that is gold? Are you a mud deceived with worthless gold or a gold cover by mud?

I was once on a board that ran a recruitment interview for a nursery and primary school and each applicant was required to do a 3 minutes teaching practice as part of the interview. A good looking lady showed up speak quince English and walked up to the blackboard to teach us “Shapes” but she gracefully wrote SHARPES on the board, while we looked each other on the panel, we asked what did you say you are teaching us and she confidently said SHAPES in pronunciation. Then I asked “who is responsible for pupils performance in a class” and she said “the teacher first, and also the pupil”. Brilliant isn’t it? Then I asked her, in your last or current school where you teach “what was the challenge of the pupils “and she said “spelling”. I leave you to take your positions and deductions.

Today in the pursuit of self-employment without patient acquisition of required and relevant skill mediocrity has been proliferated! Greed would turn any man to a mediocre! Some schools today to maximize profit or gather multitudes have absorbed mediocrity and made it a foundation for many! A mediocre businessman would create a mediocre business. Many resumes and certificates today are a complete contrast of the personality. As a Christian, do you have an assurance of your salvation or are you just a gospel invertebrate? A mediocre pastor is a greater murderer than a mediocre doctor because the damages of a mediocre doctor can be corrected by a regenerated competent pastor but no competent doctor can repair the damages of a mediocre pastor except God’s mercy! A mediocre mind would create mediocre products! Average is not the best, excellence is preferable! There is a better life than the average life! Step out of mediocrity.

The question is can we depend on what you know? Make your election sure, don’t be a professional invertebrate!Image

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