An interesting conversation ensued in my mind and i had no option than to share it with you believing it will catapult your reasoning!

Memory said i am of yester-years but imagination is saying i am years to come! I interjected “why sit in the past when the future is waiting for the activities of the present! Just as you cannot test the depth of the ocean with your legs so we cannot determine the power of our mind! your mind is rich you are only poor with its extraction. God is not a man but man is a similitude of God! Why do people want to revisit their past, i guess they suddenly realized they were too poor with their mind! Truly, it is foolishness to refer to a better past when your age didn’t depreciate! Are you investing in your memory to improve your imagination or ruining your imagination with your memory? i think it is better to build a treasury than rot in the archive! what are you going to do with your MIND? May you not disappoint your deposits! i Just ended a conversation with your mind! Good luck to your imagination! the world is waiting for the harvest! Don’t waste in obsolescence! Question your mind! Welcome to innovation! However….

Truly the past is a coffin but imagination is reality yet pursued! imagination gave birth to recycling as a way to give life to the past but there question of performance was left with effort! without effort no conversion is possible. can we recycle the past? yes and How? Simple Change the thought patterns that reigned in the past and take decisive action in the present to wipe away the ferocity of the reputation injury, let the wound heal even though the scar would leave. this is the miracle, if the imagination is etched indelibly it will make faint the scar of the past! you can move from penury to wealth, you can move from failure to success and you can move from death to life. all is possible by grace while you are still living and willing to make a difference. funny enough you dye your hair but you cant dye your bones. old age don’t hide likewise youthfulness wont hide, the latter is precursor of the future (imagination) while the former is the beneficiary of the memory. 

Innovation is a revival and that is possible for the living. if any man be in Christ, He is a new creature, old things are past away and behold all things have become new (2 Cor 5: 17). Renew your past by beating the imagination of the devil into salvation. your memory may be corrupt , your imagination can be remolded! your past may have been terrible with salvation you move from history to the glory of victory!

What an interesting conversation!

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