Incentive is a motivation for progressive action. It may be words, actions, behavior or counsel. Mockery is simply actions, deeds and behaviors intended to distract or repudiate your vision. Mockers hate those taking the actions they cant take!

Triumph in life will always experience mockery because the world system expects compromise and complacency. Note that when you are striving for success the world thinks you should relax especially when your approach is unusual. many times God’s ways looks odd in the world’s system. Imagine Naman going for a swim in Jordan? Who could have thought Sarah would give suck to a child. Most miracles pass through obstacles to become testimony.

When mockery is on, remember that it is the mocker is activating his or her perspective. All you need is a personal conviction that you have thought well, check your processes and ensure your system is validated failure proof not because your are mocked but rather to ensure you don’t fail!

Creating a success story can be ridiculous and that is what makes the story of success engaging! If you consider mockery as you journey towards, you will fail. Mockery should be an incentive as long your vision is clear to you as your blue print to success.

I advise you strongly MATCH ON! The mockers will eventually bow to your courage to persist into success. Elisha proofed it!

Follow your blue prints till you print your distinction!


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