There are so many things that are obligations but we have made options and these have become the baselines for life torments.
Are you the BEST at work and a BEAST at home?
You pet your employees but beat or hit your spouse! you respect your boss but disrespect your spouse! You smile at work and grin at home! What a lope sided life! You cheat customers and rob clients yet you pay the highest tithe and offering! You give generously to charity but owe your employees!
Have you taken an offer (a job offer or business deal) that has made you dead to your family? You have time for corporate meetings and training but lack time for your children’s proper understanding cum upbringing? Have you donated your children to school scheme and maid empowerment?
We are not permitted to be idle yet we are required to be responsible! Strike a fruitful balance today! Things will only become easier in future with a good and balanced plan!
Obeying company policies and trivializing the commandment is self deception which lasts only a while before troubles escalate!
Think again! Work life Balance is not an option, IT IS AN OBLIGATION!
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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