Some informal education at home can become strategic components of a valuable life but many overlook it to civilization and woeful modern day rudiments.
MY wonderful mother gladly and patiently taught me how to cook. It was like a core course in my informal education. Many laughed us to scorn as I join my mother to pound yam on Sundays. She taught me to back my siblings. She taught me to join a service unit in church, Today I have found joy serving God. Even though I grudgingly learnt these life investment skills, today I have delighted my wife with delicious meals, I have amused my children with wonderful cuisines, A friend caught me in the act but was gladly entertained with soft lofty pounded yam . See why I have no trivial marital crisis that has sunk many.
In my youthful and bachelorhood days this tutelage assisted the management of my finance. Rather than being an eatery specialist I smile to the kitchen. Don’t you think it can be rather awful to find a lady who can’t make a meal but amazingly there are.
She taught me to wake up early in search of business opportunities for her seemingly small trading enterprise; today it has become cheaper for me to be an entrepreneur.
Today, I find no difficulty changing pampers and dippers. It’s cheap to nurse the baby while other necessities engage my wife. These skills have saved me what many cry, lose their sleep, live in malice, hunger with no solution for at no cost because I cared to learn and my mother cared to invest in me even behind my wish. Are mothers of today still like mine? Do you grave your kids with modern day pampering full of woeful regrets? Are you raising big boys or girls with small or no life skills? They maybe little rudiments but they sure prevent ridicule!
One way to give back to the society is to communicate our profitable stories to generate a sustainable return on investment for posterity. Parenting is sure an investment not just marital fulfilment. These are some life technologies we must program in our children!

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