PATHWAY TO SUCCESS: Three (3) Simple Result Evident Steps


Failure is a teacher but

Poverty is CRUEL.

Success has an array of meanings to everyone but inseparable to any meaning is the ability to live above financial frustration.

Poverty is cruel, it is at the base of many other outer problems, i can tell you, it will take on everything you can think of around your life.

📌 Health and Psychology

📌 Relationship and Marriage.

📌 Personal Dignity and Effort.

📌 Freedom and Friendship.

📌 Home management and Peaceful living

📌 Business and Vision.

📊 The Gap between the RICH and the POOR has remained too wide. Its like a 5:100 ratio.

That’s 5% if not less.


A wise man once said ” The only to help the poor is not to be a part of them”.

Its like the Safety first Protocol, The Blind CANT lead the blind successfully. You have to get out of it to get others out.



You must consciously and ethically deal with it.

Amazingly, you have what it takes if only you will settle down to find it as you begin with what you have and stay consistent with an open and learning mind.


I can tell you, YOU WILL HIT GOLD.

Here are Three (3) Simple Steps to help you out.


Step 1: Do a stock count of your abilities, skills and competencies.

Step 2: Find a problem that it can solve or value it can create.

Go further to research the root causes of such problem and the feelings knocking off such problems create for the problem.

Step 3: Articulate A solution process as a quality product or service value and SELL.

IT does not get that simple but with commitment, you will sing through and sing song of celebration and peace.

However, Each of these steps and PATHWAYS have deeper defining learnings and that would necessitate the services of a COACH.

A COACH helps you to really match your abilities with your realities to create your possibilities.

Sounds like a cliché..

A coach helps you to confidently translate your abilities into Attractive Problem solving packages that will bring you Consistent engagement and generate premium income for you.

Becoming financially confident is hard work but being under incessant financial misery is the harder work.

What’s going to be your choice?