Today again, history takes it turn again as Nigeria strides on with another entourage of leadership. The most precious legacy of governance is peace and Unity! True democracy demonstrates peace and unity. Leadership is providing a path for the visionary well being of others.

Peace is a wholesome pack and unity is the vehicle that drives Peace. One language, one destination and oneness of the mind is a task for all. The Hyper-personal dimensions have never made headway neither has it prepared peaceful success. Unity is a multiplicative force with exponential benefits. Gen 11:6!

It is amazing, the binding and amiable candor expressed when two people who aren’t familiar speak same language immediately achieve congeniality.

Ethnicity is Unity but Ethnicity is misconstrued, its unfortunate we limit it to the language force and fool our-self with segregation forgetting that a house divided against itself never stands. Ethnicity has a unifying force but it is not in the language but rather the mind. We have been controlled and sectionalised by the language segregation. We have burnt bridges not for determination but developmental perforation. Nigeria is a home for many only tricked to believe they are different by the myopia of ethnicity misunderstood. Ethnicity means an effective and objective force, it is not a differential identification but rather an integral formative force. A force is activated by unity of peaceful power.

Its time to change our perspective from ethnicity and religion to one people and one nation called Nigeria. This means irrespective of how you look, the tone of your lyrics, the attire you wear, the decorations on your cheek, you are simply a Nigerian and we are brothers and sisters from one mother called Nigeria! It is then we would have communicated that a man who steals from himself is a fool, a man who kills himself is a fool, a man who hurts his in-laws offends his posterity, a man who refute the truth is a liar and is an enemy!

Governance is difficult with a disunited cabinet! The disunity of the talent pool humiliates corporate capacities. Disunited expert build industry woefulness and business disunity is an economic calamity! A disunited church is satan’s empire! The church is the factory for change! Government, business and Corporation must unite for peaceful economic realities! All we need is an effective TEAM!

Economics and Trade, Health & Science, Food and security, Justice and Service, Education and Communication, Technology and Agribusiness, Transportation and Infrastructural Investments are no mean mountains for a mediocre! A true blue print working with dedicated and poison proof minds is the recipe! An effective Gap Analysis is crucial to prepare a good foresight. With a hindsight of evaluation and insight of transformation, a change can be envisioned. Processes and practices require good control system! Until justice is ready,driven and willing to evacuate pollutions we may have boomerangs. Education must not be limited to warding degrees & certificate but building and molding exemplary character for continual transformation. Education is a powerful tool if we can use it well. Lets make technology our slave, ride on it for change not to chart a cheat! Accountability is only a funnel for good economic judgement, if we let it, it will help us filter the pebbles of corruption. it is the rain of peace and unity that brings the joy of harvest called change!

Marriage is one government that without peace and unity, life and posterity is threatened. When peace and unity exist it means love presides. Love cannot happen without an understanding which listening helps to achieve. you can either listen to understand or listen to respond, both have different results. Malice is a cold war not peaceful silence. Malice is an economic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual sabotage. Ministers, legislators, governors, commissioners, Capitalist and bureaucrats can be such. When the marriage of the executive, legislator and judiciary fails, the ship of governance becomes a relic!

A good father ought to leave an inheritance for his children e’tal. if he doesn’t he simply left a call to responsibility. Find yourself and move on becomes the message. Responsibility is vaccinating your association for Judases but working with the Peters, James and John and never omitting the Pauls.

The old stories have not sounded well but we can have a new tune! We have been privileged to embark on this new page, if only we will see ourselves as one Nigeria that dispels six geo-political zones mentality in our heart but compel one Nigeria we would champion a new history for our children.

Change is a duty of all in one. Congratulations to all Nigerians worldwide and Happy Democracy day.

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde​

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