Let me start by saying “excuses ruin purpose and rationalization cripples the future”.  Every circumstance will say NO to your dream; it is your responsibility to say YES. The yes is embedded in Personal Evolution!

Personal evolution is the developmental process of vaccinating oneself from the environmental and circumstantial deactivators of a good and relevant life through the acquisition of relevant information, strategic thinking analysis, value based diagnosis to ensure fulfillment is realized. Global revolution is simply a harvest of personal evolution!

Frustration and disappointment have become so affordable for the shallow minded both in the circular and ecclesia. The damaging effects of ignorance or abuse of knowledge or misuse of knowledge is taunting. Our faith and belief has been adjusted by low depth and short term appetizers. This shaded and abridged knowledge has crept into the national executive corners and even the episcopal. Shamefully we have embraced excuses premised on personal laxity and dependency on sentimentally projected aids.

Personal evolution is no longer an advice but an evidential obligation. The alarming statistics of unemployment, the crippling growth of moral decadence, the venomic influence of corruption, the living day rape of injustice and the poverty of the educational systems are too few reasons to consider a personal evolution. It has become glaringly obvious that the genetic code of our future in our personal evolution.

The failure to engage personal evolution is solidly responsible for the leadership genomics of African Nations. Today destinies are being ridiculed at will by leadership and posterity is being ill manufactured. Beside it also is mismanagement dressed in national regalia. Lets do a few reasoning together!

If a man at 53 cannot still handle his family affairs, I guess he is no longer responsible for anyone in that family but they have their destinies in their hands. The sad story is for the members of the families who are unable to think for themselves and the sensible ones still expecting a change they are responsible for from the man. If you let change catch you unawares you will be shocked but if you bring change to yourself you will trap fear and pocket the most dreaded fear of the unknown! The vaccine is personal evolution.

It is casually spoken in the many corners especially Nigeria “when two elephant fight, the grass suffers”, please it’s fruitful to have a before and an afterthought. They kill each other; the grass would find its way!  With the annual festival of our educational sector ,  mobile convoy in federal, state and legislative quarters outnumbering ambulances in hospitals, the hypnosis of the oil sector still mesmerizing attention for Agriculture, Justice still prevalent at jungle dispatch, uniforms are still uninformed because we train arms and not minds, economics still being willed amongst the so called mighty, pigs are still been kitted in the financial sector (changing the system without the mind can’t catch any thief) , travelers still liable to die young in aviation, adulterated entrepreneurship still pioneers the business corners, public service still for private pocket and hyper-compromise very visible in professional corner and bodies. Amazingly with the hydra headed Babylonian mammon fully the operational subject in the parochial environment occupying front seat of the minds of shepherd and the moral decadence feasting on family lives today? What is left than a personal evolution?

TRUTH: Complete glue to synthetic reasoning (The inability to question facts with the truth) has also gulped the veracity of our desire for change. Three arrows are certain for every employee (Resignation, Retrenchment and Retirement). No take home gets home with so many frivolous branches and bus-stops. Unbalanced work life analysis makes a crippled success and an official vagabond. Mono skilled life is one chance to failure. Eye service and sycophancy is software for personal failure. Deceiving others is the mastery of self –deception. Copied lifestyle without environmental and self-capability consideration is the greatest form of colonialism and slave trade. Appetites without value and virtues are the greatest malnutrition of life. Non-purposeful interests are the cheapest losses in life. Everybody needs personal evolution! 

Today, we find graduates with paper upper class grade but lower class sense. Our environment is saturated with empty proud and indolent youths; we find a hasty and lazy working population that produces quacks instead of entrepreneurs in the name of poorly conceived self-employment. A few months ago I saw “Association of unemployed graduates” and I am still wondering and trying to find out what their vision is? Today we see entrepreneurs championing extremes of abnormal profiteering (Only reprobate minds take advantage of the ignorant). Today, inner and underwear’s have received public approval, many have consciously accepted nudity and stupidity in the name of fashion yet they want be reputable. What can be more of a life lie! People actually pay for undersized clothing! Today, when churches close you can’t differentiate it from the night clubs by virtue of dress facade. (No one intends you appear pious, be pious). Today we find couples who are legally married but psychologically divorced. Today we find parents who keep paying school fees but checking the results or asking for the performance reports of their children then after years they realize they have been financing an illiterate. “Common mistakes, with uncommon regrets”! The only bail out is personal evolution!

Personal evolution which can also be regarded as personal Development or self-education is the dynamic transformation of self by the truth and relevant realities. The compass of a copy is in the original and so when the original is gone the copy is dehydrated, why not be original by personal evolution. The evaluation of your past is a protective investment for the future! Conducting a daily self-appraisal is a good way to commence personal evolution! Without personal evolution you will comfortably occupy the back seat of life with a meal of regrets.

  •  Don’t be lazy in learning
  •  Study to show thyself approved
  •  No one is configured to conventions. New paths are possibilities of mentality!
  • Comfort zone is a decorated coffin
  • Marital infidelity is a responsibility failure.
  • Living a lie is the attitude of fools
  • Financial Prudence is the antidote for financial misery & embarrassment.
  • Be willing to pay the price for the promise. (the will to prepare is greater than the will to win”
  • Be genuinely saved and make everyday a Sabbath.  

One thing motivated this article in the last 3.5 hours, my love for personal Development, value quest; information-thirsty personality and my transformational mind that probes conventions for education.  The scripture is such a multipurpose drug but I have been inundated by thoughts of why terrible things happen even in the presence of the creator! Word abuse! Mercy abuse!

Looking at the creation manual I saw that Daniel, Joseph, Esther, Jonah, Isaac, David, Paul  etc. were the envy of their world and brought global revolution in each instances (their personal change mechanism worked change in others reputably), looking at contemporary times I observed persons like Martin Luther King jnr, Mahatma Gandhi, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, then I graduated into current realities and also noticed Myles Munroe, Sunday Adelaja, David Oyedepo and then looking closer you find the likes of Leke Alder (Creating transformation traffic on twitter) and after a deep thought and critical look at their software all I saw was Personal evolution in practice.

Life is not a sprint but a marathon, marathon is personal evolution in practice (you graduate your pace from a deep sated private practice). No matter the color of the man that breast the marathon race tapes he or she will wear the medal. Life is like the process of a wall clock, it is meant to progressively move in the right direction to create the future. Excellence is and will remain the greatest form of evangelism. When you personally evolve, there would be a global resolve. You are the nation!

Finally, when the words of the creator take its place in your life you will take your place in life! Psalms 139: 14-18.  

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Words loaded with passion from the archives of my mind!  Afolabi Julius Olatunde.

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