…and it shall COME TO PASS IF THOU SHALL..Deut 28:1. 

“until you honor the precept, promise will be a mirage” Julius Afolabi

Life is like an onion, we peel it one layer after the other, and sometimes we cry! A living dog is better than a dead lion. Turning to the next page may not mean you exhausted the previous page. Search yourself! Ignorance of precepts donates promises to the garbage. If it didn’t happen in the first half doesn’t mean it does not exist!

Instruction is the seed of construction! Precepts are instructions, policies, necessary guides and promises are constructions, privileges, possibilities etc! Precepts & Promises are applicable in all sphere of life! Every promise has the code of precepts that must be obeyed if we must enjoy it. The conditional clauses of promises indicate the precepts; the precepts also determine the worth of the promise. Success has precepts, success answers to those who understand and apply to principles and likewise failure. Nothing is the achievement of those who do nothing.

Dreams will be ephemerals if requisite physical action is not taken. Learning is the epexegesis for required growth. What you have is the seed for what you need. Writing and pursuit are precepts of achievable plan. Whether you are employed or the employer, there is no exemption to precepts to obtain the promise! Your desire is what you have promised yourself, go and get it with precepts!

The game of football is exciting but ought not to a blind priority, we must take a recess and assess at half time. Team evaluates its performance and evokes new strategies to embellish the better half. Hope is the gesture of light! Peter got half way, distractions are woeful diversions. No matter what you achieve, without having Christ, you are of all men miserable.

Promise is an empty assurance until you validate the integrity of the one who made it, when the devil makes you a promise then wait for sorrows because he is the father of liars but when God makes you a promise you can be sure it has been given only for you to understand and apply the precepts. The integrity of God is the greatest assurance ever! To live outside His precepts is to wane, weary and worry through life! Challenges are tools, understanding is the differential. Psalms 119: 71, 73! God is no respecter of persons, there is nothing He has done for any that He cannot repeat for another. In John 3:16 the word “ whosoever” is a valuable net of opportunity to earn a triumphant life!

I am a businessman and a professional but my business and profession are absolutely subject to God’s business and His precepts because i understand Ecc 12:13, Hebrews 9:27 AND without God’s business I have no business! Honor the precepts and take the promise!

Happy New Month and Half! May you experience the promises of God as you honor His precepts! Remember to blow your trumpet in the new month, meaning share the testimony of the goodness of God in your life to someone. Don’t forget it is through the foolishness of preaching that God chooses to save men! 1 Cor 1:25-28! The proof of love is to preserve life! Save a soul today!

May history never recover from your exploits!

Your life and Business Coach!






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