Winning is often negotiated before the contention is engaged. Preparation is the plan!
No one is disadvantaged, preparation determines positioning and expectation. Performance remains a center stage in Competition for best. All organizations and businesses often set the bait of promise to the client and customer base but how effect is the hook? Employee involvement and equipment are necessities for target delivery!
Competition is no longer local but global since advertisement became online. There is opportunity and there is competition. Lack of preparation will put anyone out of the game. Prepare! Favor claps hands with preparation. The integrity of decision process, employee equipment and empowerment determines the quality and quantity of result!
Jotham became mighty simply because he prepared his way before the Lord. Abraham’s servant was on a critical assignment and he had to consciously prepare again by seeking divine help. He was innovatively creative, He got speed and accuracy, he made good his engagement promises. Gen 24:10 -14!
Are you a business person or a corporate executive? Do you deliver your promises? under-performance is a product of under preparation. Many businesses today assess performance by numbers only, what a pity! what is the knowledge level of your team? what improvement ideas emerge from your workforce in meetings? These are the indices that measure and project expected results not screaming about target. most managers are just toothless bulldog who are productivity barren by traditional analysis rather than innovative and superior measures and preparation to win the market place.
Measuring business by just numbers will leave your business without the numbers. Business Profits are not about numbers!
Delivering targets and promises takes innovative preparation and strategic prioritization of team empowerment. If corporation quits true skill and capacity upgrade, business will remain barren or host sickly performance.
Jesus is a master business and corporate executive who prepared for a great and continuous harvest by preparing his team sufficiently. He wasn’t exempted from continuous improvement as he often kept fast, prayers, and studies in separation to refine his analysis and sharpen his deliveries. Luke 4:42, 5:16 and 6:12!
it is just February, begin the preparation for doses of victories now!
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