Judgment is an image, it either attracts or repel.

Don’t let the image of your attitude repel the deliverance of another man in church and outside church. (Anywhere you find yourself)

Judgment is a delicate adventure; an imperfect man can’t make the right judgment. It takes a perfect God to make the right judgment about anything. God’s understanding is unlimited but ours is limited to our scope of knowledge. Man must mind the way you judge others.

We are admonished “Judge not that ye might be judged”. Matt 7:1 Jesus is the way, the truth and life. This means to survive in your analysis you need the spectacles of God’s yardstick else you will burn your fingers. God loves justice, are you just enough to justify. Good judgment needs ready preparation because judgments are momentary. Ecc 12:14!

Your position is not the valid credit to pass judgment knowing that you are a man susceptible to error, the word of God is. So you see you are prone to daily error as a boss if you are ignorant of the word of God which is the true way to the right judgment. John 14:6!

God spoke to Moses one on one yet, he made an error. One day he made a wrong analysis of God’s people and God alerted him not to call His people stiff necked. One day Peter despite being the rock made wrong analysis of the gentiles and God cautioned him “Dont call what i call good bad”. The teachers of the law condemned the woman caught in adultery but Jesus was able to spy their intentions. The analysis was faulty because only one person was called to book, where was the man? All these are only pointer that man is prone to error as an imperfect being. Are you CEO, GO, CMD, ED, Chief Supervisor? What is your yardstick for your remarks about that man or woman under your supervision or those that report to you? Do you see them the issue and not them with God’s eyes? There is no superman anywhere; it is God that works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Do you want to excite God in your daily life judgment? Then, LET GOD WORK IN, ON and WITH YOU!


– Have a good knowledge of the subject matter.

– Consider the matter not the person.

– Ensure you are in the right frame of mind; you are thoroughly blind with only your eyes.

– Listen to both sides and make provision for personal representation of an offender.

– Prayerfully consider the terms of expectation and provisions that you have made.

– Know the word of God so that you can spy intentions, Intentions are prophets.

– Think of improvement not damnation. God invests mercy everyday for reparable personalities.

– Detonate when confirmations are assertive.

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Remain careful but not too careful such that you have become careless!



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