The Mortality rate of Businesses is not a threat when you are armed with the compelling market fundamentals especially from verified research, experience and study.

50-95% of businesses fail, No doubt. No one wants to build a business that will fail. I failed many times but I learnt how not to fail again by applying strategic business intelligence to market realities in a way that compatible to insulate business from being a victim of 50-95% failure rate.

Would you love to insulate your Business from these scaring reality? AM sure you would be glad to flourish in business despite harsh and evolving market realities.

Failure begins with ignorance, ignorance begins with doing nothing with what you know and is cemented with ignoring what you need to know or learn to practice.

Businesses die daily and a net of 2-3 or 5 years have been predicted as business lifespan especially in a country like Nigeria and others. This is an error that you must not let happen to your business. What were the omissions of those listed and dead businesses? What business failure pathogens did such businesses ignore?

Find out in this book, the compelling and result driven truths that secures business success. School yourself herein not because you are scared of business failure but because you love business success. Learning is practicable with a love perspective than in the perspective of fear.

Herein are Twenty (20) fundamental reasons why many businesses are ill fated and corresponding truths that will insulate such Business Experience.

This book will turn your business around if you read with an open mind and take corrections.

If Business Success is your desired experience, then this is the book to read.





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