Success is the failure that got resolved not to fail again by learning and applying circumspectly what it takes to remain successful. People have failed and are still failing, I have failed, severally and sustain hard physical, emotional and financial injuries but I learnt and the lessons failure has taught and still teaching me is paying off. That is the experience that births success!

Failure is painful but Success isn’t an exclusive preserve of a few but an open obligation for all. In same vain failure isn’t the inability to succeed, Giving up is the real proof of failure because all men have the capacity to succeed irrespective of the peculiarity of their failure(s) at one time or many others.

Do you understand the Vicious Lifecycle of failure? Failure/Success have their own SYSTEM of operation. would you be glad to get help on “How To” Walk out of failure into Success?

Walking out of failure into success is an analytical note, simply written for you to see and work with to fashion your own walk into eminence. No success walked on a straight line. It was a tough walk out of failure!

Overpowering Failure is victory; Ability to change and sustain the experience when necessary is victory. Success is every person living’s delight but many times failure is a passage to that success. Success in any sphere of life takes the capacity to deactivate the failure system surrounding that venture, project or thing. Failure has symptoms but if we know the pathogens we can structure a complete erasure.

Sometimes we get the formula right but nothing is working, we call it strange failure. Failure has many parts. Do you want to overpower failure? This book is a valuable text you can’t afford to ignore.

In this book, you will learn

  1. Self Correction Strategies.
  2. Diagnosis for Stepping Out of Failure Mode.
  3. Seven (7) Indicators of Irreparable Failure to Watch
  4. Five (5) Ways to Turn Your Mockery Into an Incentive
  5. The Power of Self Government over Government of Self.
  6. Deconstruction of The Life Cycle of Failure system.
  7. The Mathematics of Success.
  8. Fifteen (15) Cords in the Web of Failure. (Habits of Irreparable Failure)
  9. Six (6) Ways to Develop your Mental Capacity.
  10. Sixteen (16) Matching Steps into Success.

I welcome you to a new world of success as you experience the content of this solution.




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