Progression in recession takes divine guidance. God guides us by His eyes. You need sight not site, when you have sight you would a site. Sight is the ability with spiritual eyes.

Sight is very important in life, blindness is a terrible enigma. Vision is a powerful weapon of prosperity and security. Businesses need to identify alternative opportunities and career need to generate new and improved optimizing skills to flourish but if you can see it, you will never experience it. Alternative and improved Opportunities and security are critical factors in tough times.

The declaration of recession or cut down of salaries is not a problem, only pray that your spiritual eyes be opened to see the wealth around you and the plots ahead so that you can position and not be a victim. Fear not! However, I hope tariffs & utilities too would be cut down? More so, The country can declare recession but what has heaven said? Whose report will you believe? You are in Nigeria as a citizen of heaven if you are born again and stand for the truth.

Recession is an economic term not a covenant promise. The joy of the lord is our strength not the naira or dollar. Nothing is new under heaven.

Hagai was in a recession and famine of drought until God opened her eyes and she located the wealth of water around her. Gen 21:14-19! Around us are sufficiencies of God’s wealth, May God open our spiritual eyes. Also, Elisha’s servant thought he was insecure until His prophet prayed the Lord open His spiritual eyes, and then he saw how defended and secured he was. 2 kings 6:15-17! If you dwell in the secret place you will be unhurt. Is your job shaking, fear not. Trust God. Psalms 86:7. When God lifts, no one can bring you down. Christ is secret of rise in crisis. Psalms 23:1. God is the only one who furnishes a table in the wilderness.

Don’t fret; recession does not exist in heaven. We are in this world but not of this world. 2 Cor 5:20, Rev 21:1-4! After all if it was salary that has been keeping you, you would have been history, some people have not been paid salary for month, how have they been surviving. Man shall not live by bread alone.

Wayne Dyner said “there is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living with what you love, there is only of resolve to make it happen”. Resolve to follow Jesus and he will make your life abundant. John 10:10! 

This day, week, month submit to God with your heart and pray to the All sufficient, He will open your eyes to your abundance. Remember when men are cast down, we shall be experiencing a lifting up!

When men are saying there is casting down, we shall celebrate lifting up. Read Isaiah 43:1-7!


Julius  Afolabi



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