you will only make a memorable impact when you become a true employee and thoroughly engaged……
Unemployment has become a menace for some and many have discovered themselves and delisted themselves from that database. However many wallow in the quagmire of ineffective search, if only we search aright. it’s in the BOOK. If there is no job, there is WORK in your innate abilities. your gift, talent and passion, Harvest yourself!

Amazingly too many are fully employed but rarely engaged, they occupy the comfort zone paradigm. When the lizard drops from a height and lands it only give a nod approval of true engagement.

YOU are the focus, YOUR RESOLUTION is the FIBER of your IMPACT! True employees understand that their jobs are a ministry to bring joy to themselves and those they serve not for the MONEY but the pleasantness of engagement! It is this paradigm that manufactures IMPACT in life. 2 Cor 8:6.

I remember as Teller finishing timely to assist others, as a subhead developing others to be better and as the Head of Operations developing a branch code of conduct and inter-unit service level agreement just to deliver service excellence. i personally developed myself to deliver, wasn’t waiting for employer training scheme. today the world is my readership and still learning to deliver! i select the true champions that know the truth and reason their perspective to shape mine! Every man is first self employed!

Don’t borrow out your days and time at work to vanities you will be a banishable servant, physically engages but result barren. There is group of employees called “foolish Galatians”, why? they started in the spirit and ended in the flesh” they were bewitched by misplaced priorities that trivialized their job description! I was amazed when they said DAVID was worth 1000 men!

your first job has a way of shaping how your life will play out! your first job is large part of your life! Think well, plan well , see well and pray well. Think VALUE, FULFILLMENT and FINISHING WELL! Be personally responsible and Effective!

D. L. Moody had a revelation where he met the Apostle Paul and guess what he asked D. L . moody in their conversation. ” I HOPE THEY ARE STILL READING MY EPISTLES” HE was aware of his deliveries and maximized the GRACE given. 1 Cor 15:10. Paul’s personal resolution of commitment are numerous in his epistles. Philippians 3:13-14

“but none of these things moved me, neither count i my life dear unto myself, so that i might finish my course with joy, and this ministry, which i have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the Grace of God” Act 20:24.

Paul was a true employee, thoroughly engaged and made of memorable IMPACT. He was a true archetype of Christ who said As the FATHER has sent me SO I SEND I YOU. Jesus DID A PERFECT JOB! He was PURPOSEFUL WORK DRIVEN! He HONORED TIME! John 9:4. He was ABOUT HIS Father’s BUSINESS!

Your JOB or WORK is where your MESSAGE is not until you wear the cassock or mount a pulpit! we are defined by what we DO!

Be a TRUE EMPLOYEE, be wisely and fully ENGAGED to make MEMORABLE IMPACT.

Have a GODLY weekend!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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